Online Dating Industry & Credit Card Payment Processing

Online Dating Industry and Credit Card Payment Processing

Online Dating Industry & Payment Processing An Analysis

The online dating industry is growing at a very fast speed. The reason behind the growth is that online dating services are available on various websites and mobile application. Many dating websites are focused primarily on a specific religion, ethnicity or orientation (Yes there are many Transsexual and Gay Dating websites). These dating websites generally generate massive traffic from Search Engine Optimization by implementing organic techniques. People visit these websites to find other individuals that are interested in a short-term or a long-term relationship. Dating website generates money through advertisement and subscriptions. Most of the dating websites offer two kinds of membership. The first membership is free membership and the second one is premium membership. In the free membership, members are restricted from using various features of the website. With the premium member, these members can enjoy the benefits of additional premium features available on the online dating websites. Online dating websites use merchant account and payment gateways to accept credit and debit card payments. Many websites have got members from the United States of America, and for that, these websites also use high risk check processing. For customer based in Canada, many of these websites use EFT or electronic fund transfer facility.

Features Of Top-Notch Payment Processor For The Online Dating Industry

Many payment processing companies offer payment gateways and the merchant account for online dating websites. Merchants from this industry should closely look at various features that will help them to identify the correct processor for their online dating business.

Setup Time Frame

The faster the application is approved, the better it is for the merchant. Setup time frame place a critical role for any business. So if you are merchant looking forward to getting a payment gateway solution for your online dating website, then you must ask the processor about the time frame required for application to be approved.

Rates And Transactions Fee

The lower the rate, the better is saving you will make in your business. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. If you are looking forward to getting a reliable solution, then the best thing would be to contact a direct acquirer. A direct acquirer is generally a principal member of various card brands, and these acquirers are in a better position to offer you relax pricing.

Integration Capability

Sometimes few processors may be using primitive technology, and this primitive technology can create challenges for the integration on the newer website. It is a good approach to confirm with the payment processor about the integration feature. Ask the payment processor what kind of language is supported. Is it PHP or ASP.NET? Ask the processor if there are plugins available that can be easily integrated on the content management system or CMS.

Technology That Empowers Online Dating Website

Most of the times, online dating websites are created in content management systems. The most common platform used by this website is WordPress. If you visit a website like ThemeForest, then you will see that they sell a lot of online dating websites theme. These themes come with readymade infrastructure that can be used to create an online dating website in the shortest time frame. The principal technologies used behind an online dating website created over the CMS that is WordPress are PHP, MySQL database, Ajax, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and few others. Many advance website may also use additional technologies that can help them to implement big data analysis as well as artificial intelligence to offer better member experience.

Features Of Online Dating Websites

The most common feature of online dating websites is partner search, texting or messaging, sending virtual gifts, etc. Let’s go ahead and understand these features one by one:

  • Partners: This is a feature that helps a member to identify other partners who have similar interest. To achieve these online dating websites ask several questions to members and then based on internal matching, they represent suggested profiles.
  • Messaging or texting: when members find profiles that are interesting, they need to communicate. To communicate these members send text messages. To send text messages, they use chat application or messaging application. Sometimes on few websites members may have to buy a premium subscription so that they can send messages to other members.
  • Send virtual gifts: To impress other members the virtual gift can be sent on online dating websites. Most of the times, the merchant account is not used to purchase these virtual gifts But the website itself add points to the members account so that the member can use these virtual gifts to impress other members.

How To Stay Safe On An Online Dating Website?

Online dating website gives an excellent opportunity for people to find friends and also life partners but it also comes with a serious challenge of fraud. To stay safe on an online dating website, members must only use reputed sites. Some of the most well-known sites in the industry are and others. Members should not reveal their personal information, and along with that, they should stay on the platform for communication till the time they are sure that the other person is genuine. If the other person requests the member to transfer any money or to initiate a fund which is not through the dating website, then the merchant should not initiate the same. Apart from that members should not share the intimate pictures on a dating website. They have been many instances where people have shared their intimate pictures and later on they were blackmail by members on dating platforms.

Generate Traffic For An Online Dating Website.

There are multiple ways to generate traffic for an online dating website. If you are a merchant, you have a merchant account, you want to generate profit from your online dating website then you must have organic traffic coming to your site. To generate organic traffic to your website, the content should be unique and should be keyword focus. Your team should regularly blog about the relationship and also online dating. Regular blogging helps Google and other search engines to give more preference to your website. This also provides a notification to Google and its robots that your website is regularly updated and you offer fresh constant. Along with the content, you should also offer infographic and videos. Regular broadcast about the relationship. An interview of relationship experts can also help you to attract massive traffic to your website.

Apart from search engine optimization, you can also advertise at the various search engines like Google and Bing. Advertising on this platform can be expensive but if done wisely you will not be spending a lot of money, but you will be possibly getting more revenue. If you have any questions regarding payment gateways for online dating website or merchant accounts for dating website then feel free to send an email on [email protected] and our expert will be happy to look at your dating website and will suggest the best available options so that you can accept Credit Debit echeck and ACH payment on your site. Most of the solutions come with API, and if the profile of the merchant is excellent, the processing companies may offer a virtual terminal as well. We are looking forward to getting your messages. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra