Online Gambling Merchant Account

Credit Card Processing For EU Based Legal gaming and Gambling Companies

Technical Information – Relevant Merchant Classification Codes

MCC 7801 (For Internet Gambling)
MCC 7802 (For Government Licensed Horse/Dog Racing)
MCC 7995 (For Gambling Transactions)

Quadrapay is happy to announce that our payment processing partners in EU are offering online gambling merchant accounts with hassle free pay-ins and payouts experience that will help you lead the competitors. As the gambling industry has huge cash volume and payments are made in different ways, we help you to accept most forms of payments by various payment methods.We understand the need of business as online gambling is done internationally and payments are done in local currencies as well that is why we have you covered so that you can accept local currencies payment directly in your account. We also offer fraud prevention solutions to make your account secure.

So we are here to make sure that all your payments are safe as Quadrapay works with some of the top payment service providers in Europe that provide the best solution for merchant accounts.

In the present world we go online for almost everything either its purchase of apparel, grocery, games or even online gambling and to make the payments we need an online payment gateway that is secured and assured. As there are several methods for payment online we make payments from our debit cards, credit cards, netbanking, etc.

Merchant Accounts For Gaming And Gambling Sub Verticals

  • Online Casinos
  • Online Poker
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Mobile Gambling
  • Lotteries
  • Social Gaming
  • Skill Gaming

Merchants need not to worry if they had trouble of chargeback or bad credit in the past we welcome all. Accept card payments from players around many nations to increase your business sales and maximise profits.

Why Quadrapay Will Be A Reliable Provider Of Merchant Account For Legal Gambling and Legal Gaming?

Quadrapay is one stop solution for the payment in your business of online gambling as our partners provide secure payment processing like secure online credit card, AMP processing while focusing on fraud prevention as well.

  • Lower Rates

Who does not want more profit from their investment?

Considering that Quadrapay offers low rate possible for you to make the most out of it. We value your business and understand your requirements so we provide you the best that can help you grow.

  • Multiple Currency

Online gambling and gaming being an international verticle needs a gateway that can accept multiple currency. We provide you with multiple payment processing platforms. You can collect payment from most nations that too in the desired currency.

  • Free Account Setup

FREE setup and this is not a special or for limited time nor it has an expiration date.
We won’t charge you fees to setup your account. As we understand the cruciality of the starting phase of the business.

  • Fraud protection

We monitor sign-up and log in and we do not promote any illegal gambling. We also have leading fraud prevention tools providers as our partner and knowledge to keep your business secure. These solutions provide early alerts for the chargebacks.

  • 24*7 Technical Support

No matter what time we got you with the all time support. You can experience the professional customer service on all online payment related issues. We are here to help you out and would be glad to solve all your queries.

  • Fast Approval Within 24-48 Hours

Our online application has been developed with ease and simplicity in mind not complicated like others.It hardly take a few minutes to provide us with some of your basic information and while you unwrap your sandwich for breakfast your merchant account for online gambling is open.

  • Real Time Reporting Tools

Transparency about all the payments being done and about the withdrawals and deposit of money. We are to help you in the best possible way to grow your business keeping in mind that whatever transactions are being made should be in front of you and you should have all the details about it.

Still confused on your merchant account provider?

No worries, our staff is always looking forward to solve your queries and satisfy you with answers for the questions that you might have about the process. We welcome you to benefit from us in the online legal gaming and legal gambling business.