Online Gaming Payment Gateway With Five Innovative Approaches

Time To Gain Profits With Online Gaming Payment Gateway

The online e-gaming industry is one of the booming sectors across the globe. As the digital platform is encouraged and recently, advancement in internet services being upgraded, the E-sports market has taken a lot of positive benefits. Now we can see a lot of people are interested in online gaming tournaments and online gaming streams. This can be a great platform to earn some profits as well. In order to accept payments for online gaming tournaments, you need to have an online gaming payment gateway to process those online payments. We at Quadrapay makes it easier for gaming business owners to have a card processing solution for gaming.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Gaming Payment Gateway With Quadapay?

In this digital era, services that are based on a digital platform are ruling the market. In order to accept payments for the gaming industry, you need to have a payment gateway which will connect your website to the payment processor. There a lot of chances that an application for a gaming business may get rejected with most of the financial institution because of high-risk processing solution. For this, you need a stable and reliable online gaming payment gateway solution that will fulfil most of your payment requirements.

What Are Gaming Payment Methods Available With Quadrapay?

With Quadrapay, you can take advantage of several payment methods along with online gaming payment gateway. Some of the are as follows:

  • Echeck/ ACH Solution: There are a lot of gaming and E-sports business merchants that are not able to apply for credit card solution, in such cases, an online gaming business merchant can apply for an Echeck processing solution to retrieve payments online. For online gaming platform, gaming business owners can opt for Echeck processing solution.
  • MOTO Payments: A MOTO payment solution also comes under the VT category. This processing solution allows you to accept payments through an e-mail, phone call or even through fax. For gaming-related payments, a MOTO processing solution can be very much beneficial to process payments quickly.
  • POS Terminal Solution: If you perform an E-sport tournament on a regular basis and need a payment solution for on the spot registrations and competition website payment gateway, you can apply for a POS terminal for gaming. This allows a seamless payment processing experience as you can take advantage of physical types of equipment for faster payment processing.
  • Virtual Terminal: This is the best processing solution for an online video game business seller as it offers excellent flexibility to accept card payments for a gaming platform. There is no such requirement to purchase a full-fledged piece of equipment, like in the case of a physical POS-based system. This makes a Virtual Terminal for gaming a more economical and flexible solution for card processing.
  • Android Phone Processing Solution: For an online gaming business merchant, we can also offer android card processing solution along with online gaming payment gateway. With this, a business owner can easily accept payments over a smartphone from its customers. For this, a small yet portable card reader is required, which is further connected to the smartphone through a wired connection or a wireless method. This device will read the card details either through the magnetic strip or digital chip. All the payment details will be forwarded to the application installed in the software for pre-verification, and later on, it is sent to the processor with the help of online gaming payment gateway.

How To Apply For An Online Gaming Payment Gateway?

In order to apply for an #, a business needs to fill the merchant form and fill all the required details and submit it on Quadrapay. Along with the form, it is also required to submit all KYC documents to quickly verify and get approval for your application with a payment processor.

For more information on the online gaming payment gateway, you can mail us at [email protected].

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