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Online Gaming Payment Providers By Quadrapay

Online Gaming Payment Providers And Methods: Turn Players Into Payers

The online gaming market is rapidly increasing, and gamers are getting aware of their platforms and various methods through which they can pay. Only with the help of a reliable online gaming merchant account, you can get a sense of security.

According to recent growth and statistics, the online gaming community is expected to reach an increase of $11,978,000 in 2019 and is expected to hit $13,203,000 by 2023. A vast number of players are penetrating the market with the advent of gaming smartphones which are helping them to game better and stream live to their audience to earn. Choosing a trustworthy online gaming payment providers can become a difficult choice therefore, but not impossible.

It Is All About The User Experience

When it comes to performance for these online gaming payment providers , all gamers need a fast and user-friendly interactive platform that can help themselves to emerge into the action which happens on the screen.

So what happens when the user experience is given more priority and to win back loyal customers?

Imagine a scene where you have to stream for a game, but then you have to wait for a long time for your transaction to be completed. How do you think these online gaming payment providers will affect your mindset and even for further gameplay?

When online gaming payment gateways are slow, it can cause a lot of rift in the mind of the players. This is when they can choose to bounce back into some other site which can help with the quick release of payment. It is done to make sure that all the online game gateways should give the user a top-notch service with usability and enhanced user-experience.

Tech-Savvy Gateways Providers Like Quadrapay To Help With Online Payments:

Speaking of the user experience, it depends a lot on what technology is being used to design the gaming process naturally. Naturally, when it comes to the player for the online gaming payment providers, no one wants to drag the process and make it longer than the usual time constraint.

One of the most important things to consider while choosing an online forum or gateway is fast integration. If the design is customer-focused, then the timing should not be a factor and should not take more than a few hours.

Before going live, every payment portal should check and test if the design or the platform is fast and secure at the same time. It should not be redirecting the gamers to any external service.

How Can You Apply For Instant Gaming Payment Options With Quadrapay?

When it comes to instant gaming payment methods, there are a lot of options we have in store. The application procedure for the payment of games and various other streams is straightforward and fast-paced.

All you need to do is to fill up the information on the merchant application form, which are all required for the business. That may include all the vital information which you have included in that form such as the bank details, ticket sale and even the amount plus prices which are managed.

Here are some of the documents which you need to submit:

  • Voided check (under the full business registered name)
  • The processing record for the past three months.
  • Business bank account statements up to three months
  • Gaming Business address proof (utility bills of business)
  • Identity proof of gaming business owner
What Are The Features Of Choosing To Go For Instant Payment Options with Quadrapay?

When it comes to reliable payment methods and trustworthy payment processing solutions for every business sector, you can always put your trust in Quadrapay.

Here are some of the significant features that tag, along with the usage of this app.

  • There is a low-cost payment processing on online gaming payment providers which concerns when you are using Quadrapay. Due to several clashes in the gaming industry, a lot of merchants need to pay higher processing charges for the complete card solution. This is why we can help with minimal cost payment processing concern and get your payment done right.
  • Our associated payment processing solutions even ensures that there is prevention on the number of chargebacks with the help of prevention mechanisms. For every online gaming payment provider, it is advisable to keep the chargeback amount as lower as possible. Our payment methods are relatively safe to help the merchant safeguard their interests appropriately.


Fast performance is one of the most widely categorized choices while choosing online gaming payment providers. Gamers are always keen on convenient payment portals which can help them to buy virtual goods seamlessly. This is why payment gateways should be part of the game itself and not be a separate identity.

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Naman Verma