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Online Payment Gateway Processing In Bangladesh

Developing Nations around the globe have been benefited the most buy the expansion and advancement in technology. Bangladesh is emerging as a growing economy in the Southeast Asian region and penetrating the Global market slowly and gradually. Internet penetration in Bangladesh is considered to be somewhere between 40% and 45%, with an exponential increase by every coming year. The E-Commerce platform essentially needs merchant account, payment gateway, and payment processing services along with different payment options. has been the path leader in guiding Merchant to establish the online business, specifically for startups. If you are also trying to establish your own eCommerce platform and conduct online business in Bangladesh, we can help you find the best deal suitable for your business model. You can send us an inquiry on [email protected].

In comparison with the B2B business model, the B2C online business has shown a phenomenal growth with a net worth of over 110 million dollars. With the changes in nation’s economy, investors around the globe are ready to invest in Bangladesh, and one of the easiest platforms for them is e-commerce. For an online business, Bangladeshi merchants need a merchant account, payment processing services and payment gateway for Bangladesh. With the global connections of Quadrapay, merchants in Bangladesh you can avail services from EU based PSPs and also avail echeck and ACH Payment solutions for US transactions.

High Risk Merchant Account in Bangladesh

For small businesses or low risk and mid risk industries, it is quite easy to avail a merchant account from domestic banks. But specifically for high risk merchants, merchants it is a herculean task to avail a high risk merchant account payment gateway for Bangladesh. Connecting with the right offshore service providers can absolutely help merchants for online business in Bangladesh.

With the continuous growth structure of Southeast Asian countries, there are high possibilities that the import and export in e-commerce of Bangladesh will get a hike. We have resolved to support Merchant to get best in class services from the global service providers. If you have any queries, you can log onto or send an inquiry on [email protected]. Whether you need a solution for Credit Card processing for your online business or a merchant account with no credit check in Bangladesh, we can surely help you.