Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support

Finding an online payment gateway for tech support industry is a big challenge for the merchants in this industry. Now a day, a number of payment options apart from credit/debit card processing has evolved and entered the market. These payment solutions can handle a much bigger return and chargeback ratio.

Most of the processors use various fraud detection and prevention tools like

  • Chargeback Alerts
  • AVS
  • 3DS
  • Maxmind Geolocation Filter
  • Pre Authorisation Filter
  • Automatic risk Control Reserve

These tools help the processors handle bigger risk. Some processors also work on the aggregation model. They split the portfolio in a set proportion of 80% Low Risk, 15% Mid Risk and 5% High Risk. The Low risk merchants perform massive sales with near zero chargebacks. This works as a cushion for the High-Risk Merchants from Tech Support Industry.

Tech Support Online Payment Gateway

Remote PC support companies need an online payment gateway for tech support. These businesses offer quality IT services to consumers and enterprises. Tech support market is global and there is a massive need for technicians and adept tech professionals. These companies offer the variety of premium services to small as well as medium businesses. There are many certified technicians in this industry. Online payment gateway for tech support adds the payment processing capability to these businesses. Business owners can accept credit and debit card transactions with a merchant account. Merchants can also accept transactions over the phone by using a virtual terminal. Apart from these methods, there are many more technologically advanced options provided by the payment gateways and processors to facilitate the merchants.

Online Payment Gateway For Tech Support. Why Its Hard To Get One?

Tech support is a high risk business. The chargeback and refund ratio is very high in this industry. Many PSPs or Payment Gateway service providers will not onboard tech support merchants. Only few service providers offer credit card processing solution to PC support businesses. These Financial Institutions use a high level of fraud detection techniques to reduce frauds. The fraud detection tools help merchants to reduce chargebacks. Merchants using online payment gateway for tech support should use chargeback alert services. Most of the times this service costs nothing to start means it’s free to sign up and avail the services. Merchants only need to pay a small amount for every alert received. Merchants get alerts in real time. This can help the merchant to extend the life of the payment processing solution. This alert service is very helpful in reducing the chargeback ratio of the merchant account.

Tech support industry is global and most of these companies are small and medium in size. Small companies cover more than 50% of the market. Big brands only cover a small part of the entire market. Big hardware and software companies have also joined remote support industry. These companies can up-sell the PC support services to the existing customers. They provide extended warranty and also offer support for other brands. The market competitiveness for tech and PC support has increased multifold. has adroitly done the market research and complete analysis to help you out with the best payment gateway processor. If you are facing trouble to find High Risk Merchant Account Providers for Tech and PC Support, we are all set to assist you in your business venture. Moreover, if you are looking for a Chinese payment gateway for tech support, can help you to get the best one.

How To Extend The Life Of The Online Payment Gateway For Tech Support

Chargeback is one of the biggest problems in Tech support industry. Merchants must maintain a chargeback ratio that is less than 2%. No matter how simple it appears, but this has not been possible for many merchants in the past. It can be possible if the merchant activates the chargeback alert service. Going beyond the ratio of 2% leads the Merchant account to be flagged by the payment service provider. Automatic risk control reserve is implemented and the processor may hold the payout. If the chargeback ratio further goes beyond 3%, then most of the PSP’s will shut down the account. Chargebacks are always calculated on the basis of the number of transactions. The simple way to define chargeback ratio is the total number of chargeback in a financial cycle divided by total number to the transaction in the same financial cycle. Business owners must increase the number of transactions if chargeback ratio is high. They should focus on generating more orders even at reduced pricing.

Tech Support Service providers offer services in US, UK, and many other countries. Support service providers team up with skilled technicians to resolve any technical issue.

Many payment gateway service options are available for these businesses. The most common option is the Credit Card processing solution. The second most popular option is echeck or electronic cheque solution. Echeck also known as check 21 is a revolutionary alternative payment processing mode. This is a popular transaction mode in the United States of America. Not only High Risk Merchants use echeck but also low and mid risk merchants are doing the same. Getting an echeck account for tech support is a lot easier than finding a Credit Card processing solution. The approval ratio of check 21 account is better than card processing solution. Another advantage that adds to the list is easier and faster mode of payment that is beneficial for both the merchant and the customer.

The rate of the transaction and the payout period is also better with echeck. Merchants can apply for echeck even if they are not in the United States of America. Indian merchants that sell their technical services use echeck as the preferred mode. The processor sends the payouts to the merchant’s business bank account.

Processors ask for similar documents from a High Risk Business and a Low Risk Business. Merchants need to share a copy of business license and canceled check of the business bank account. The website must mention the entire list of products and services. To secure the transaction and credentials the website must be SSL protected. Every merchant must have a business plan for Tech Support with every Merchant application. Tech Support business plan creates a great impact in the minds of the underwriters.

Business owners should also appoint CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). With the help of CRM, they can create a long lasting business relationship with the buyers. CRM also helps the businesses to send a regular communication to the clients. Documented Communications can work as a defense tool at the time of countering chargeback.

With the API integration, merchants can connect the gateway to the business website. Payment processors share the API documentation to every merchant. As per the documentation the developer can create his own code and send the right value to the API URL. Some processors will also help merchants with ready-made plugins. The merchant can integrate the Gateway on the business website by using these plugins. If yours is a WordPress website then there are chances that your processor already has a plugin for the same. Most of the payment processors will not charge any fees for these plugins. In case, you don’t have a pre available plugin or default one, you can reach out to the payment processor and ask for the same. They will provide you with a complete functional plugin and also take care of its regularity and sustainability.

On the Merchant center, portal business owners can track all transactions. Merchant Center allows the business owners to look into the details of transactions. It also gives the ability to perform full or partial refunds. Once the account is active the payment processor sends the login details to the merchant. The company should try to create a perfect processing history. The processor sends weekly transaction reports to the account holders. This processing history mentions the return or chargeback ratio. If a merchant maintains a low return ratio then it becomes easy to keep the account going for longer period of time and the merchant can also get another account.

Customers can enter their credit/debit card details on the payment page to initiate the transaction. This payment page is secure and utilizes 128-bit data encryption usually. Almost every PSP is PCI DSS Compliant. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is the industry standard. This certification ensures that the cardholder’s details are completely secure. Still, the cardholders must take care while performing any transactions online.

Merchants must send a confirmation email which mentions the Descriptor. This descriptor appears on the billing statement of the cardholder. You can reduce a lot of Frauds and Friendly chargebacks by following these simple tips. The reason for mentioning descriptor details on the billing statement is to provide a way to the customer to reach the merchant directly in case of any dispute or query.

We have been in the Merchant service industry for quite a long time now. Based on our experience we can say that it is not impossible to get a tech support merchant account. If the merchant controls the chargeback ratio then he can get more accounts from other PSPs as well. Talking in complete financial terms, if you successfully show your business with increasing profits, stable and reliable clientele and minimum chargeback ratio and fraud cases on your account, the payment processors also get revenue from the same and that motivates them to reach out to you with further account options.

Owners should take all measures to improve the tech support process in the companies. Keep this in mind that one unhappy customer is more expensive than ten happy customers. If there is any dispute, try to resolve it on the same call. Send a confirmation email to the customer and ask for an acknowledgment. You can use every documented communication to fight the chargeback case. Remember it is more difficult to protect a High Risk Merchant Account for a long run than to get it.

When taking credit card payments do not try to charge the customer a huge amount. Most of the large tech support companies charge a very small amount at the initiation of the service and they also define the terms and conditions, modes of payment and total amount to be paid for the services provided.

Technical support business has a very bad reputation for a few reasons. Some merchants use ethically, legally and morally wrong practices to generate revenue. They use scripts to generate pop-ups on the Internet. These pop-ups display the phone number of the support company and freeze the computer. Once the customer calls the number then the representative uses scare tactics. Mostly they ask for a certain predefined amount to be transferred to the company account or they portray themselves as representatives of a large technological organization asking for payments related to earlier provided services.

A responsible company should never do anything like this. As per Aranca Business Research, the US market for consumer remote support is over 4 Billion USD. Any company that offers quality service can make money in this industry. Only follow the best business practices in every department of your company. The right business practices will help you to evolve into a global solution provider.

If you run a tech support company then you can also use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to attract traffic to your website. Many companies have their in-house SEO team. You can do the same and generate traffic to your website and make more money.

Your payment gateway is the lifeline of your tech support business. You do not want to land up in a position where you have the traffic but you do not have any payment processing solution. Follow best practices and maintain a healthy and trustful relationship with the customer. With our Payment Gateway, merchants can accept payments from the USA to India. Our solutions are truly global.

Best Payment gateway for online technical support

It may be very difficult to say which online payment gateway for tech support is the best one. The reason for the same is that most of the tech support merchants don’t last long in this business. Still, you can know about the best Payment Gateway for online technical support.

  • Zero Setup Fees
  • Direct Account
  • Low Transaction Rate
  • Faster Payouts
  • Multiple Card Brands Acceptance
  • Alternative Payment Modes
  • Low Rolling Reserve
  • Easy Integration
  • Secure and Safe Processing
  • On-Time Payment Disbursement. does not charge any upfront fees to help you with the Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support. We have complete comprehensive and well-tested solutions for your problems related to the merchant account and payment gateway. Contact us if you need information about online payment gateway for tech support. See what Wikipedia says about Tech Support Scams

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra