Online Tobacco Merchant Account

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Edit:- Recently we have seen very low approval for Card processing of Tobacco, Ecig, Hokkah and related products.We recommend switching to e-check and bitcoins.

Edit:- This Business Model is no longer accepted by our Payment Processing Partners for Credit Debit Card Acceptance. We may try for USA electronic check or some prepaid voucher solutions.

Tobacco and Cigar Companies can use echeck as a reliable for payment processing. ACH processing for high risk tobacco merchants is becoming popular now. We may try to get an approval for echeck processing. Approval is subject to the analysis by the payment processing company.

Echeck Processing for merchants selling Tobacco products, eCig, hookah, and vaporisers. This industry is massive in terms of growth potential. Every day new buyers place orders online for their favourite cigarette brand. The eCig or the Electronic cigarette is becoming very popular these days.

In some countries, it is low risk business but in many countries, it is a high risk industry. Very few payment processing companies are comfortable in opening merchant accounts/ Payment Gateways for Tobacco or Electronic Cigarette. eCig’s are mostly manufactured in China. They are cheap too when you order in bulk. The sellers make huge margin by adding a big markup on the cost price.

Online Tobacco Merchant Account

Can Startup Merchants get a merchant account for there online Tobacco business?

Yes, they can. We do assist startup merchants also.

What cards do you accept?

card processing is not available for this industry 

Is there a rolling reserve?

Yes depending on the feedback from the compliance team a rolling reserve ranging from 5% – 20% may apply. In most of the accounts, there is hardly any rolling reserve.

What is the Time period for the rolling reserve?

180 Days

Do you offer VT and API both for Online tobacco merchant account?

Yes our echeck processing partner provides API and Virtual terminal for the same.

Do you offer Offshore Tobacco Payment Gateway?

Our Global connection with Payment processing companies allows us to offer echeck payment gateway for tobacco.

How difficult is it to get eCig Merchant Accounts?

The eCig industry is growing at a very fast pace. Recently many payment gateway and merchant account companies have started offering echeck services to eCig and Tobacco Sellers.

Hookah Merchant Accounts – Do they exist?

Absolutely. The Arabian style of smoking has taken over the world. You can sell more if you accept echeck for these products.