Argentina E commerce And Payment Processing

The Federal Republic situated in South America continent, Argentine Republic is an advanced nation with exponentially growing market and a highly stable economy. In terms of per capita income, Argentina is ranked among the top countries of the world. Today Argentina is high income economy and the rich lifestyle of Argentinean population shows the progress made by the nation in previous years. Argentina is a really attractive market for merchants who want to expand in Latin American countries. The E-Commerce segment of Argentina has also increased multifold in the last decade. There is a huge potential for online merchants to flourish and expand. Merchants with client base in Argentina should opt for dedicated online payment gateway Argentina, as credit/ debit Card processing is the most popular payment option online. Quadrapay has comprehensive solution for merchants in Argentina to grow their online business. Just fill a simple application form on and we will readily help you. Merchants from Argentina can also send us inquiry on [email protected] or call 24/7 customer care service on +1 6318321773.

The E-Commerce sales revenue of Argentina is expected to cross 21 million dollar mark by 2021. It clearly explains the market potential of this speedily developing Nation. This is high time for online merchants to establish their online business whether it be from low risk, mid risk or high risk industry. The average user penetration is also expected to increase by 5% in coming 3 years. There has been a dramatic hike in the internet penetration percentage up to 80% in Argentina and the online Shoppers have also increase a lot. Although credit card and debit card payments have a higher share in the payment option yet alternative online payment options are also getting into the mainstream extensively. Payment gateway Argentina and global payment gateways are the need of the hour for merchants in Argentina to establish and expand their online business. Quadrapay has extensive connections with EU based PSPs and other Offshore service providers to help merchants get the best services related to payment gateway Argentina.

Even if Argentina is a rapidly growing Nation, but most of the large domestic banks and Financial Institutions restrain from on boarding high risk merchant accounts. The underwriting guidelines are framed in such a way that businesses with high risk get avoided. In such a scenario, the experts from quadrapay suggest Merchants in Argentina to opt for offshore merchant account providers. Merchants can also take services from Global Payment Gateway providers. Quadrapay helps Merchant not only in just getting the merchant account but also by guiding with additional services to sustain The Merchant account for a longer time. Chargeback alerts and notifications service is a similar example. The information received in near real-time can help merchants to reduce the chargeback ratio of their payment gateway Argentina.

Echeck and ACH Payment Processing in Argentina

If a merchant is based in Argentina but the client base is in the United States of America then in such a case merchants can also opt for Echeck and ACH payment options. We, at quadrapay strongly advise merchants to use this payment option for online business in the USA. The chargeback time frame for Echeck is shorter in comparison to Credit Card processing. This reduces the number of chargebacks on a Merchant. And ultimately, it keeps the Chargeback ratio under control and helps in longer sustainability of a merchant account.

If you are looking for complete business solutions for your International business model, Quadrapay can be the one point solution to all your problems. Just fill an easy application form on and we will be ready to help you.