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Online Payment Gateway Processing In Brunei

Energy resources are the main factors that drive a nation’s economy. If a clear equation is reduced, then we can establish that an energy rich country will for sure have a growing and financially stable economy. Brunei, though a smaller Nation is located in Southeast Asia yet, it is an energy resource rich country with well-settled population and excellent infrastructure. In recent years there have been some changes in the economic structure of this Nation, but now the country is progressively moving ahead. The per capita GDP of this country is among the highest ones in the world. There is really large scope for online business and e-commerce in this country. For merchants based in Brunei, Quadrapay can act as the best guide to get a merchant account, payment gateway, Payment processing services and online business solutions. Visit the website on and the expert team of Quadrapay will help you get the most comprehensive solution for your specific business model at the most competitive prices available.

Post Brunei’s integration in the ASEAN economic community and involvement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, a lot of growth options have emerged for online merchants in The E-Commerce segment. The major E-Commerce segments in Brunei are travel industry, timeshare Industry, Airlines, online retail chains, Fashion and electronic media. The main resource of countries economy is Oil and Gas sector which has resulted in rich lifestyle for residents of Brunei. The internet penetration of this country has also increased exponentially and over 70% of internet users in the country shop online.

International Merchant Account For High Risk Businesses Account in Brunei

The current situation of the country makes it perfectly suitable for online merchants and startups to establish their business and expand further. It is quite easy for low risk and mid risk industries to get a merchant account I am payment gateway for Brunei. The main purpose of having a merchant account And facility of a payment gateway is to process online payment using different methods. This payment options can be credit/debit card processing, echeck and ACH, online transfer, online banking, mobile wallet or prepaid cards. Quadrapay provides help to the merchants in order to get the best in class payment processing services along with merchant account and payment gateway. The dedicated support system of Quadrapay has specific expertise in getting high risk merchant account and Global Payment Gateway for high risk merchants. Apart from credit card processing solutions for Brunei another payment options can also be readily available. For Brunei merchants with the client base in the United States, echeck and ACH payment processing options are also available. It is advisable for high risk merchants to use echeck payments as they help in reducing the chargeback ratio.

Chargeback Alert And Notification Services For International Merchants In Brunei

Irrespective of the industry type, all the online merchants should always consider keeping the chargeback ratio below the prescribed limit, which is around 2%. Exceeding the limit may lead to temporary suspension of the account or even complete shutdown. We also offer chargeback alerts and notifications service for online merchants, especially for high risk merchants.

There is a lot of scope for merchants using the E-Commerce platform for online business in Brunei. If you are looking for a merchant account or payment gateway for Brunei, or Credit Card processing solution for Brunei, Quadrapay’s wide network of EU based PSPs and other offshore processors can get you the best deal. You can sign up with us directly on or send us an inquiry on [email protected]. You can also reach our 24/7 customer service on +1 63183 21773.