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Croatia’s Economy Returning To Growth | Doing Business in Croatia, Video Source – Youtube – Emerging Europe — Emerging Markets Review And News

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Croatia is a fast-growing nation in Europe. The principal business sectors that are adding tremendous growth to this Nation are Pharmaceuticals, Tourism, Automotive, Metal, Textile, Logistics and ICT.

The country offers world-class infrastructure to businesses. Croatia attracts a considerable amount of foreign direct investment every year. Small and large organizations from Croatia together contribute to the growth of the nation.

The Total estimated GDP for the Year 2018 is 106.548 Billion which rank 84th in the World. Croatia is undoubtedly set for rapid growth in the coming decades. The per capita income is also quite attractive and is 25,807 US(2018) dollars and ranks 56th in the world Source Wikipedia

Payment Gateway in Croatia

Merchants located in Croatia use multiple modes of payment like bank transfer, cash, and also payment gateways. The growth of e-commerce is also attracting many financial Institutions to offer affordable payment gateway and merchant accounts in Croatia.
Businesses can also use an International payment gateway to sell products and services to customers outside Croatia.

Before finalizing the payment gateway, the merchant must look at multiple factors. Few of these factors are listed below.

Ability to accept cards of different brands along with local cards

Merchants located in Croatia that are doing businesses with customers in different countries should try to work with those payment service providers that offer the maximum type of card acceptance. It should ideally include local cards as well. Let’s take an example of a Croatian merchant selling computer hardware products to customers in Brazil. In Latin America, there are a lot of local card brands and customers prefer to use them. If the payment gateway company does not offer the ability to accept different local card brands, then the merchant may lose sales.

Easy Integration

In today’s world websites are created on different platforms Merchant may be using CMS like WordPress, Prestashop, Opencart, Joomla or Magento. He may also be using a site that is built on Html, PHP or ASP.NET. It is essential that the payment gateway is easy to integrate. Reliable payment processing companies do offer great assistance in terms of API integration.  Most payment service providers in European union do offer some ready-made plugins to their merchants.

 Low Rate of transaction(MDR)

Payment processing companies charge a fee for each transaction. This fee is called MDR or Merchant Discount Rate. Eventually, this money is deducted from the amount collected from the customer. The lower the MDR the better it is for the merchant. The merchant should try to get offers from different payment gateway companies and then decide which solution is best and the most economical.

Low or Zero setup charges.

Some payment service providers may charge an initial setup fee. Business owners especially startups should try to coordinate with the payment gateway company and request a reduction or a complete waiver of the setup charges.

Low or Zero monthly charges.

Many payment service providers charge a monthly fee. This monthly fee is charged even if the customer is not accepting any transaction provided he is in the contract with the payment gateway companies. If the merchant has got an existing processing statement with low chargeback ration and high sales volume then the merchant should try to negotiate with the payment gateway company to reduce the monthly charges.

International merchant account for High Risk businesses in Croatia

Financial Institutions or acquiring institutions look at the risk profile of the business before onboarding. They look at multiple factors including credit risk and reputation risk. For businesses selling Low risk products getting a merchant account is mostly an easy task. It becomes challenging for organizations there are not financially stable or for those that are considered to attract a higher chargeback ratio. Since these merchants are considered high risk merchants most of the payment service providers refrain from approving accounts for these businesses. If you are one of the High Risk merchants, then you should apply with those payment service providers that are comfortable in working with your industry type and with your risk profile. The best approach would be to request a pre-approval of your URL. The financial institution or the acquiring bank will look at your website and will analyse the risk profile. In case if they pre-approve the url then they will request KYC documents. The team at will be happy to assist in connecting you with a reliable payment processor. Our reseller partnership with various payment service providers helps us in providing quality assistance to global merchants.

ACH payment gateway / Echeck Payment Gateway

Companies located in Croatia export a massive amount of products and services to countries like Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria and the United States of America. For businesses located in Croatia that are selling their products and services in the United States of America, echeck can be a great option. With ACH payment gateway or Echeck payment gateway, customers can quickly make payments from their US bank account. For a successful ACH transaction, the customer does not have to type in the credit card information or the CVV number.   Croatia based merchants can also use verified check solution if the croatian bank accepts USD checks. Clearance of international checks may take a bit longer. There are multiple third-party ACH payment gateway companies in the United States of America. Croatia based merchants can apply to these processors.

Chargeback Alert and Notification Services

A low chargeback ratio is important for the stability of the merchant account. High chargeback ratio increases the risk of account closure and freezing of funds for a long time. It is of Paramount importance that the merchants evaluate different chargeback notification and representment services. There are multiple companies offering alert and notification services that can help in reducing the chargeback ratio and extending the life of the payment gateway.

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