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QuadraPay Offers Omni-Channel Payment Gateway In The Czech Republic

Start accepting online payments with an advanced Czech payment gateway. Get Best class payment processing powered by top European Banks. We offer a truly versatile payment gateway with the lowest transaction fees starting @ 1.25%* With our payment gateway, Czechia merchants can accept credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, EMV, and Qr code Payments.

What Makes Us A Solid Payment Service Provider In Czechia. Features Of Merchant Account In The Czech Republic

Low Transaction Fee For Merchant Account In Czechia.

When you apply for a Credit Card processing solution, you must look at the transaction fee. The transaction fee is the fixed percentage or fixed amount you will be paying on each transaction. Many processors charge a fixed transaction fee, but some may also charge tiered pricing. Some may offer separate pricing for different card brands. You should evaluate the pricing of varying payment gateway companies in the Czech Republic and other parts of Europe and then decide.

Since all of our solutions are direct, it makes our merchants happy. Our Merchants pay very low transaction fees. Most merchants qualify for the Interchange++ transparent pricing model. Straightforward pricing helps merchants evaluate the billing statement easily.

Success Ratio In Czech Republic Merchant Account Processing

Suppose your customers process a hundred transactions every month. Theoretically, all these transactions should be approved. Unfortunately, this does not happen in practicality. The reason for declines is primarily wrong credit card information, wrong expiration date, wrong CVV, stolen cards, or the banking identification number(BIN) being blocked by the merchant account provider or acquiring bank. It would help if you worked with the merchant account provider that offers you the ability to accept the maximum number of transactions with the lowest decline ratio.

We work with various payment service providers across the European Union and other parts of the world. We can help you get multiple payment gateways and a merchant account for your Czech Republic-based business. The benefit you will get with various payment gateway is that you will be achieving a higher success ratio for your transaction, plus you will be able to accept a transaction from multiple locations.

Payment Service Provider In Czechia Must Comply with PCI-DSS Norms. All our processing partners are fully compliant with industry standards. These standards help keep the payment ecosystem safe and clean. It also elevates the trust of all the parties involved.

Czech Payment Gateway At Zero Setup Fee. We offer our solutions at zero setup charges for most merchants*. Please keep in mind that high risk merchant accounts in the Czech republic require mandatory high risk registration. For low risk accounts, there is no setup fee.

Various Credit Card Brands Accepted By Payment Gateway In Czech Republic.

There are over 1000 payment systems across the world. Get a payment gateway that only allows the accepting of a few card brands. You will possibly lose a lot of transactions. It would help if you worked with the payment gateway company that offers you to receive multiple card brands for your Czech republic-based business.

Payout Frequency Or Settlement Period For A Payment Gateway In The Czech Republic.

For every business getting the funding as fast as possible is extremely important. To achieve this, your payment gateway company must cooperate with you. It would help if you asked your payment processor to confirm how frequently they will make transfers to you. Suppose it is a local acquiring bank, then most of the time, you will be getting paid within three working days. If it is an international acquiring bank, then there is a possibility that you will be paid every week.

KYC Documents Needed For Czech Payment Gateway

  • The National id of the business owners
  • Utility bill of the business location as well as the residence of the directors
  • Copies of the business license/registration. ( General partnership, Limited partnership, Limited Liability
  • Company, Joint-stock company, European Company, and European Economic Interest Grouping)
  • Supplier agreement or vendor agreement if the business owner is selling tangible products.
  • A business plan would also help in the approval.
  • Previous processing history with the current processor may help the merchant get better transaction fees.
  • Void Check/Letter of good standing.

International Payment Gateway In Czechia.

After getting a payment gateway in the Czech Republic, the local business can start accepting transactions from customers within the country and other nations. International merchant accounts can help the Czech Republic-based companies receive orders from various nations. Most of the time, these businesses accept payments through credit and debit cards, but some stores also accept payments from international customers in the United States. For this, they can use an ACH payment gateway.

High Risk Payment Gateway In the Czech Republic.

Like any other country, many businesses in the Czech Republic may also be considered high-risk businesses. Suppose your business is categorized as high risk, and you are referred to as a high risk merchant. In that case, you should possibly approach an Offshore payment processor. Most offshore processors are comfortable in onboarding merchants from many high-risk categories. These categories primarily include web design, seo services, web hosting, online dating, nutraceuticals, pharmacy, travel, document preparation, extended warranty, and cryptocurrency.

The best approach would be to send your application or your business website URL to Quadrapay over an email. Our email address is [email protected]. Quadrapay works with multiple payment processing companies across the world. Many payment processing companies are comfortable onboarding merchants from the Czech Republic.