Multi Currency Payment Gateway For File Sharing Merchants

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Payment Gateway File-sharing Quadrapay

Why You Need A Payment Gateway For File-sharing Websites?

File Sharing website provides cloud-based sync and share services to the users. A user using the service can share the files with any of their colleagues, coworkers, partners or anyone. They offer many services to their users like securely sharing files from small to even large files, storing them on the server, and managing files remotely. File sharing sites provide these services to the users as free to use but with limited storage, and if they want to expand the storage, they have to pay for it. To offer this service to the users, they need to accept payments from the users. To receive credit/debit card payments, you need a merchant account and a payment gateway for file sharing websites.

We at Quadrapay helps merchants with payment gateway for legal file-sharing services only. We have many partner processors from Canada, USA, European Union and other countries who help genuine merchants offering file-sharing services to users. Stay Connected!

What We Ask You To Get Approved For A File Sharing Payment Gateway?

If you are a merchant offering File sharing service, then you need to comply with some of the terms and conditions to get a payment gateway for file sharing.

  • The file-sharing service should not allow the users to upload or share any illegal file or copyright content.
  • The file-sharing service should not allow the users to share or upload any malicious or suspicious file on the server.
  • A merchant should disclose how they monitor the content being uploaded by any of the users using file sharing service.
  • Merchants must disclose how and what action they take against the user doing illegal sharing or uploading.
  • A merchant should clearly mention the disclaimer page, privacy policy page and terms and condition page in his file-sharing website.

Is File Sharing A High Risk Industry?

Yes File-sharing services are considered as high-risk industries. They are declared as high risk by the acquiring banks and payment processors. These industries have to face challenges to get merchant services. There are only a few processors who deal with high-risk industries. Fortunately, Quadrapay deals with merchants from various high-risk industries, and we have a payment gateway for the file-sharing services. Let’s discuss why the business is categorized as high-risk industries.

  • High Transaction ratio.
  • High Ticket Transaction.
  • Card Not Present Transaction.
  • Foreign Currency Acceptance.
  • Poor Credit History.
  • Recurring Service or Free trial Offer Services

Copyright And File Sharing

A copyright is a right given to the person who creates it. The law protects the creator from unauthorized use or sharing. Many poets, music artists, scholars, and developers protect their intellectual right through copyright.
In today’s time, there are many P2P file-sharing sites such as torrent sites which are supposedly offering their file sharing service for legitimate uses such as legal file sharing, updates and software purchases. But p2p file sharing sites are also used to share copyrights file which is against the law. If a user is sharing copyright movies, songs, games or software, he is infringing someone else’s rights.

It’s a challenge to get merchant services for File Sharing companies. Nevertheless, we support businesses who offer legal file-sharing services. We have various merchant service providers and payment gateway companies that support legit file-sharing services.

If you are also a merchant looking for a payment solution for your file-sharing website, get in touch with us. We will try to  help you smooth onboarding for your legal file-sharing services.

Get in touch with us at [email protected]

Happy Processing!!!


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