Payment Gateway For Hair Exporters

Multi Currencies Payment Gateway For Hair Exporters

You can now easily get Payment gateway for Hair Exporters. This page has detailed information about what it is and how you can get one.

In today’s world, everyone is extremely conscious about their looks and the most critical factor that plays a crucial role in improving any individuals attractiveness is hair. Customers from across the world purchase hair from exporters located in countries like India, China Malaysia, Peru, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Brazil, Italy, France, and Jamaica. They search for the best supplier on the Internet in the hair and wig industry. After finding the correct supplier, they place the order. The exporter or the seller fulfill orders. Orders can be of a smaller quantity or can be of a significantly larger volume as well. This means that hair exporters sell hair to individual buyers as well as salon, Barber Shops, Hair Stylists, Traders and wholesalers in countries like United States of America, United Kingdom Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Latin America and other European Nations.

Exporters give their hundred percent to source the right material. They also process the hair so that it gets the correct shine and texture. Doing these things are not challenging for exporters the biggest challenge is the one that is to find the right payment gateway for hair exporters. Most of the Financial Institutions and payment gateway providers say no to this industry. It is a real pain point of Hair Export Industry. The exporters in this industry sometimes use aggregated merchant accounts. These accounts do not last long primarily because the ticket size is always high for B2B transactions. Exporters find themselves in a difficult situation when they have to use alternative modes of payment processing that includes International wire transfer and Money Transfer. International wire transfers are time-consuming for the buyer as well as sellers.

Exporters who sell to buyers in the USA can efficiently use eCheck payment gateway for hair export industry. That’s True, Merchants from this industry can quickly overcome the obstacle that is being created by Credit Card processing companies. They can do this by utilizing an alternative mode of payment processing and its the echeck. Most of the exporters export a massive amount of hair extensions, wigs and other related items to the United States of America. These exporters can utilize the echeck or ACH payment gateway for USA payment processing.

How Does Echeck Or ACH Payment Gateway Work For The Hair Industry?

There are multiple advantages of using ACH payment processing over Credit Card processing. The most important is that the customer does not have to put that credit or debit card information on the seller’s website. In case of ACH transaction, the customer only has to put necessary information that includes the account number, routing number, billing address, name, email and phone number.

The customer submits this information on the merchant’s website. Once the customer clicks the submit button this information is forwarded to the ACH payment processing company in the USA.There are a lot of third party ACH payment processing companies in the United States of America. ACH payment processing companies verify if the account number and routing number are correct. The company also check if the customer’s bank account has got enough funds to clear the transaction. After confirming these details, the verification team calls the customer and verifies the authenticity of the order.

That creates a massive sense of security in the mind of the customer. The customer feels secure as he receives a verification call from the United States of America. After the voice verification, the ACH transaction is sent for processing. The funds are immediately placed on hold. This means that the customer will still see the funds in the account, but he will not be able to use that specific amount. Within 24 hours the funds move from the customer’s account to the processes account. The processor deducts the transaction fee which is usually less than Credit Card processing. After deducting the costs the processor transfer the funds to the merchants business bank account. Merchants who are not located in the United States can still utilize this option. Merchants from countries like India, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Brazil, Peru, Myanmar can also apply for this alternative mode of payment processing.

Most of the hair sellers in the USA are small or medium in terms of the business size. These firms can use small business ach payments to sell hair extensions and wigs.

Charges Of ACH Payment Gateway For Hair Exporters

At this point, there is no setup fee. That means the merchants can start processing without spending any amount in setting up the account. The rate of transaction varies but is usually less than 4.9% per transaction.

How To Get An ACH Payment Gateway For Hair Export Business?

To get an ACH payment gateway for your hair export business, all you have to do is contact Quadrapay. We will be pleased to help. You get a reliable alternative mode of payment processing for your hair export business.

Who Can Use ACH Payment Gateway?

This solution can be used a tremendous range of professionals who are running their hair salon, Spa, Barbershops and hair Export business. Merchants prefer this alternative mode of payment processing to sell products that include Remy hair, synthetic hair and hair extensions.

Hair Export Industry Insight

The fashion industry is controlling the entire world, and everybody wants to appear better than others. It is the principal reason why the hair export industry is never going to come down. We will see more hair exporters and professionals joining this industry, and the sales volume will undoubtedly increase every month and every year. Parties involved in this industries are sellers, traders, exporters, wholesale hair factories and retailers. These organizations sell different kinds of hair that include natural human hair(Remy) and also synthetic hair(Non-Remy). Pricing of these products can vary between $100 to $2,500.

Major countries that export high volume of hair are China, India, Peru, Brazil, United States, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Italy, France, and Bhutan. India alone does export hair worth over 400 million every. China is more aggressive in this industry and makes an average sales of over 5 billion dollars every year.

The most significant consumer countries in this industry are European Nations and African Nations notably South Africa and Nigeria. The United States is also a massive importer of Remy and Non-Remy hair.

As per The Dollar Business china is giving a huge competition to India and is doing a business of around Rs 15,000 Crore.

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