Highly Secured Payment Gateway For High Risk Business

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Payment Gateway For High Risk Business Quadrapay

Time To Gain Profits With The Benefits Of Highly Secured Payment Gateway For High-Risk Business!

Business Merchants like travel agencies, CBD, nutraceuticals. Debt collections do not have several options. While choosing the payment gateway service to process credit card payments online. Getting a payment gateway for high-risk business can be a challenging task. Nowadays, It is very crucial for a business to accept credit cards as a method of payment for a product or services. Without this, you might end up losing your valuable customers and high loss in business revenue. That’s why it is crucial to have a reliable high-risk gateway. For payments to process all the transactions for your high-risk business.

Features Of Payment Gateway For High-Risk Business From Quadrapay

  • Low transaction processing fee
  • Accept multi-currency payments just like with our multi-currency merchant account solution.
  • Accept all major types of cards
  • Virtual Terminal
  • The facility of electronic Invoicing
  • Detailed reporting
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Recurring billing
  • Payment Analytics

What Makes A Business To Be A High-Risk? Payment Gateway For High-Risk Business!

Businesses that are working with the industry like adult entertainment. CBD, firearms are considered too much risky to operate. Because they are prone to get a high rate of chargebacks. That’s why generally banks and financial institutions do not provide payment processing solutions for the high-risk merchant account. Don’t worry! We at Quadrapay knows how much it is essential for your business. To have a credit card processing for a small business solution with our chargeback alerts facility. So that you can reduce the occurrence of such higher chargebacks. That’s why we have the payment processing solution for both. i.e. high-risk merchant account and low-risk merchant account. We are supporting most of the business industries. With the best expertise in credit card payment processing. And faster settlements. In respect of very nominal processing fees that are applicable per transactions.

What Are The Good Practices To Reduce The Occurrence Of Chargebacks?

To reduce chargebacks, a business merchant must follow the following practices:

  • Always provide and maintain the quality of product and service
  • Make the contracts transparent
  • Operate with cardholders to overcome the disputes
  • Limit the ongoing service contracts
  • Always try to attach the post-delivery confirmation to representment
  • Have a simple and transparent refund policy
  • Implement a calibrated fraud filter services
  • The most important- Provide excellent customer support service to solve all the queries for your customers. This practice should reduce around 18% issue of chargeback.

What Is The Procedure & Documents Required For Payment Gateway For High-Risk Business From Quadrapay?

To start accepting debit cards, credit card payments for your high-risk business. With the help of payment gateway for high-risk business. You need to fill the application form in a due manner with all the necessary information. And submit all the following documents along with the form:

  • A Merchant Account
  • A Government-issued identity card like a passport or driving license.
  • A live and secured website
  • Your bank account transaction statements up to the last three months
  • If applicable, Processing statements up to the previous three months
  • Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number

After successfully submitting all the documents. Your application for payment gateway for high-risk business may get approved within 48 hours. We are always ready to solve your query. Regarding payment gateway for high-risk business at [email protected].

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