Payment Gateway For India E Visa And Emigration Consultants

Payment Gateway And India Evisa. Travel Made Easy Payments Made Easier.

Each year hundreds and thousands of people travel to India for business and leisure. Foreigners must have a valid visa to get into India. The traditional approach of getting India visa was to visit the local embassy. The entire process was manual. These days travelers looking for India visa can log on to websites and submit an e-visa application. By utilizing information technology and payment gateways government and e-visa consultants can offer services to travelers from multiple countries. At the present scenario, Travellers from across the globe can easily visit the Indian government website and submit the e-visa application. The second approach is that they can also visit websites of various visa and travel consultants. These travel Consultants assist travelers in form filling for getting India visa. Whether you are a government agency or a business we can help you with payment processing solution for e-visa services. Quadrapay is happy to announce that few of our processing partners are direct acquirers and they can offer affordable payment processing options for India travel and business visa related services. Apart from credit debit cards, your customers can also make payments through echeck for high risk businesses.

Payment Gateway For India E-visa And Website Requirements.

When you approach a payment gateway company, then they will first analyze your business website. Here are a few tips that you must follow to improve the chances of merchant account approval. Your website should clearly define all the services that you are rendering. It should have the correct contact information that includes the company name, email, address, and business phone number. It should have pages for Terms and Condition, the Refund policy and Privacy policy. A legal disclaimer should be on your website that declares your company as an independent consultant and not associated with any government agency or embassy. Disclaimer should inform the visitors that they can also get the e-visa services directly through the government website. It will help if you put the URL of the Government website in the disclaimer so that customers understand that they have two options either to process the visa directly with the government website or to request the visa form-filling assistance from your consultancy.

Select Payment Gateway For India Visa Wisely. Check The Details.

If you are searching for a payment gateway that will help you to accept payments for your e Visa related services, then you should look at multiple factors.

  • Multi-currency Gateway. The first and most crucial factor is the availability of a multi-currency payment gateway. You know that Travellers from various countries visit India and that is why you would require a payment processing option that allows you to accept payments from all these countries. It can be easily achieved by utilizing a multi-currency payment gateway.
  • Low rate of the transaction. As a business, you must concentrate on profit maximization. One simple way of maximizing the profit is by reducing the cost. It will help if you work with the payment processing institution which offers you low transaction charges. Quadrapay is happy to announce that we work with large acquiring partners that are capable of providing the best rates in the market.
  • Payout Schedule And Customer Service. It would help if you were extremely careful with these two elements. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your funds and getting false promises. As a merchant you may have offered the best services to your customers but what if the payment is delayed. It would help if you worked with credit card processing institutions that are professional and responsible.

Select Payment Gateway In India The Helps You Offer Evisa Services And Also Integrates With Charge-back Alerts.

Just like any other industry even visa services may experience chargebacks. The fact of the matter is that in the year 2019 fighting chargebacks and winning is lot easier than what used to be 10 years back. Now you can utilise services like chargeback alerts. These services will send you alerts whenever there is a dispute raised. Alerts come to you on near real-time basis. You will not be able to get alerts on all the disputes but a substantial amount of alerts will come to you. This will help you in easily resolving issues with your customers.

Application Process For India Visa Payment Gateway Account.

The payment gateway company will ask you to send a filled application form for pre approval. After the pre approval they will request for additional documents. These documents are known as KYC documents. KYC documents include

  1. Business Registration Certificate
  2. Id And Address Proof of all the directors
  3. Cancel cheque of the business bank account
  4. Utility bill of the business as well as directors
  5. Any special certification or any industry related accreditation that may be needed for your business type.
  6. Business plan

Once you provide the application and the KYC to the processing company, they will visit your India visa website. They will look at all the terms and condition, privacy policy as well as all other related requirements. If your risk profile appears to be under the specified limit of processors expectations, then there is a huge possibility that you will be getting a payment gateway to process consultation charges for evisa and travel business.

India Visa Payment Gateway Integration

Now that you understand how to get approved, it is the right time for you to know how to integrate the payment gateway on your visa website easily. Most of these processing companies will offer you a hosted payment page. That means you will not be accepting the credit card information on your website. The moment the customer clicks on the submit button, he will be routed to a third party website that is hosted at the payment gateways PCI compliant web infrastructure. On this hosted payment page the processing company will collect the credit card information. Most of the processors will offer you ready-made plugins. Some of the popular plugins that are available for integration through our processing partners are for WordPress, Woo-commerce, Magneto, Prestashop, and Shopify. Your integration team can also perform API integration by utilizing the detailed API document.

Conclusion And How Quadrapay Can Help Your India India Evisa Business With Payment Gateway.

We are one of the fastest growing merchant service consultancies in India. We have established a strong relationship with various payment processors in multiple countries including India, Saudi Arabia, UAE Ireland, Canada and the United States of America. Many of these processing partners onboard merchants from various low and high risk industries on a case-by-case basis. We will be happy to push the application to processing Institutions and if they are comfortable we will be glad to give you the good news. So why are you waiting? Fill the contact form or send us an email on [email protected] If you are based in India, then do not hesitate just give us a call on +91 9643614168.

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