Payment Gateway For Your Online Ecommerce Store

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Payment Gateway For Online Store Quadrapay

Take Your Retail Business To Online Ecommerce Store With Payment Gateway

Shopping online is becoming crazy. There is almost nothing left which you can’t buy online. The online stores or eCommerce sites are gaining popularity very rapidly. Technologies are evolving day-by-day to give the user a friendly interface and experience. According to Statista, online sales in the USA of physical goods amounted to 365.2 billion US dollars and are predicted to reach close to 600 billion US dollars in 2024. What would be better than this to open an eCommerce store and start selling your goods and services online? To start with, you need a solid framework or website and a Payment Gateway For Online Store to process payments. The payment gateway is the backbone of the eCommerce site; without it, the site is useless.
There may be a lot of query running on your mind about what exactly a payment gateway is? How do I get One? Is it able to process all currencies? Well, don’t worry! We not only clear all your doubts but help you to get one of the best payment gateways for your online store. We have authorized partners or payment processors from the USA, Canada, Europe and other nations to help you better.

What Is A Payment Gateway And How Do I Get One?

As of now, after reading, you may have a little bit of understanding of a payment gateway. Let’s understand this with a scenario. A customer goes to an eCommerce website, selects the product to purchase, and hits buy now. After hitting, the customer redirects to the checkout page where the customers fill all his card details and necessary information to complete the transaction. But what if there is no payment gateway integrated with your site? The customer will never be able to proceed with the transaction. A payment gateway is a software or service and a customer interface which helps to authorize credit/ debit card transactions.
Now the question comes that how does a merchant get a payment gateway for his online store? Well, there is no challenge to get a payment gateway. The whole process is online, and you may even go live and start accepting payment in less than 24 hrs. To get a payment gateway, all you have to do is to approach the right payment processor or merchant service provider who can meet all your business expectations. Is it looking challenging? Well, we at Quadrapay will help you to get the right processor. We have partnered with several processors across the globe and will connect you with the right processor based on your business requirement and industry-type.

Have You Ever Thought That How Payment Gateway For Your Online Store Works?

Though being a merchant, it’s not so crucial to understanding the in-depth knowledge of how a payment gateway works? But you should have a primary knowledge of how the transactional data flows and is it encrypted or not? Whether your confidential customer data is secure or not? Let’s dig a little deep and understand the basic working of payment gateway.

  1. The process starts with the customer, and as soon as he goes to the checkout page and fills all the card information and necessary details and hits enter, the payment gateway’s work starts.
  2. As soon as a customer hits enter, your web browser encrypts the information using SSL technology and the payment gateway takes the encrypted transactional information and sends it to the payment processor.
  3. The processor then sends the information to the card network or card issuing bank and takes the response back from the issuing bank whether the cardholder has sufficient balance or not.
  4. The processor then forwards the transaction information to the payment gateway with the status as approved or not.
  5. The payment gateway then displays an adequate response to the cardholder or customer and customer then returns back to the shopping page and hence the process completes.

FAQ All About Online Payment Gateway

  1. How Easy To Get A Payment Gateway?
    It is an easy online process to get a payment gateway, but sometimes it may be cumbersome. Approving for a payment gateway by processor side may depend on several factors. If your business is flagged as high risk, then you may face challenges, but still, we trust high-risk industries and help the merchant to get a robust payment gateway that fulfils all their needs. But we only onboards legal businesses who are involved in legal services and activities and follow all the laws and act under their business. Don’t worry, it’s an easy process, and you will enjoy the onboarding process without any complication.
  2. Is It Easy To Integrate Payment Gateway To My Online Store?
    To be straightforward, it is an easy process and doesn’t require much technical process. We will help you throughout the integration process until you go online and ready to accept payments from your customers. The whole process is online, and you only require an API which your payment gateway provider or the payment processor will provide you once you sign an agreement with them.
  3. Is The Payment Gateway Supported On Your Ecommerce Platform?
    Many times it happens that you choose the processor, but the solution is not supported with your platform. Our solution is supported by most of the eCommerce plugins like Woocommerce, Magento, Opencart, 3dcart, PrestaShop, Volusion or many more.
  4. Does Your Payment Gateway Support The Currency Of Your Target Market?
    Make sure that your payment gateway can process the currency of your target market. Not every payment gateway can process the currencies you want. Our payment gateway supports most of the currencies. We have partnered processors from the USA, EU, Canada and other nations and help you with the payment gateway as per your business needs.

Apply today with Quadrapay, and get one of the best Payment Gateway for your online store with our partnered processor. To get started, fill the pre-approval form and leave the rest to us. We will guide you throughout the processes.

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