Payment Gateway For The Czech Republic

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Payment Gateway in Czech Republic by QuadraPay

Payment Gateway In Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a fantastic country located in Europe. A country with a great history. A country which employs a massive amount of people in the services sector. A country which attracts an enormous amount of foreign direct investment especially in the services sector. A country with massive employment in the services sector. Over 80% of people in Prague work in the services sector. There are many small businesses across the Czech Republic that offer services and accept payment by credit and debit card. To perform business in the Czech Republic, these organizations require payment gateways. To get a payment gateway in a Czech Republic company must be registered and should have the necessary KYC documents. Most of the time these KYC document would include

  1. The National id of the business owners
  2. Utility bill of the business location as well as the residence of the directors
  3. Copies of the business license
  4. Supplier agreement or vendor agreement if the business owner is selling tangible products.
  5. A business plan would also help in the approval
  6. Previous processing history with the current processor may help the merchant in getting better transaction fees.

After getting a payment gateway in the Czech Republic, the local business can start accepting transactions from customers within the country and also from other nations. International Merchant Account can help the Czech Republic based companies in receiving orders from various nations. Most of the times these businesses accept payments through credit and debit cards, but some stores also accept payments from international customers in the United States. For this, they can use an ACH payment gateway. Many check companies offer reliable services including consulting to North American customers. For this, they use an International merchant account. When you are looking forward to getting a payment gateway in the Czech Republic, these are the factors which you must observe

The Number Of Credit Card Brands Accepted By Payment Gateway In the Czech Republic

There are over 1000 payment systems across the world. If you get a payment gateway that only allows accepting of few card brands, then you will possibly loose a lot of transactions. You should work with the payment gateway company that offers you to receive multiple card brands for your Czech Republic based business.

Transaction Fees For Payment Gateway In The Czech Republic

When you apply for a Credit Card processing solution, then you must look at the transaction fee. The transaction fee is the fixed percentage or fixed amount you will be paying on each transaction. Many processors charge a fixed transaction fee, but some may charge tiered pricing as well. Some may offer separate pricing for different card brands. You should evaluate the pricing of varying payment gateway companies in the Czech Republic and other parts of Europe and then make a decision.

Payout Frequency Or Settlement Period For A Payment Gateway In The Czech Republic

For every business getting the funding as fast as possible is extremely important. To achieve this, your payment gateway company must cooperate with you. You should ask your payment processor to confirm how frequently they will make transfers to you. If it is a local acquiring bank then most of the time you will be getting paid within three working days. If it is an international acquiring bank, then there is a possibility that you will be paid every week.

High Risk Merchant Account In The Czech Republic

Just like any other country, many businesses in the Czech Republic may also be considered as high-risk businesses. If your business is categorized as high risk and you are referred as a high-risk Merchant in the Czech Republic, then you should possibly approach an Offshore payment processor. Most of the offshore processors are comfortable in onboarding merchants from many high-risk categories. These categories primarily include web design, seo services, web hosting, online dating, nutraceuticals, pharmacy, travel, document preparation, extended warranty, cryptocurrency. Apart from these industries, many other sectors can be onboarded.

The best approach would be to send your application or at least your business website URL to Quadrapay over an email. Our email addresses [email protected]. Quadrapay works with multiple payment processing companies across the world. Many of these payment processing companies are comfortable in onboarding merchants from the Czech Republic.

Features Of Merchant Account In The Czech Republic

When you get a merchant account for the Czech Republic-based business, then you must evaluate the features. The more elements you get, the better it is for your customer. The most critical factor in determining the quality of the merchant account is the success ratio.

Success Ratio In Czech Republic Merchant Account Processing

If your customers process a hundred transactions every month. Theoretically, all these transactions should be approved. Unfortunately, this does not happen in practicality. The reason for declines is primarily wrong credit card information, wrong expiration date and wrong CVV, stolen cards or the banking identification number(BIN) being blocked by the merchant account provider or acquiring bank. You should work with the merchant account provider that offers you the ability to accept the maximum number of transactions with the lowest decline ratio. As mentioned above in this article we work with various payment service provider across the European Union and also other parts of the world. We can help you in getting multiple payment gateways, and a merchant account for your Czech Republic based business. The benefit you will get with various payment gateway is that you will be achieving a higher success ratio for your transaction plus you will be able to accept a transaction from multiple locations. For example, you can take a transaction from Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, Parts of Europe, Australia. You will be accepting transactions from almost every country in the world. To get a robust payment gateway and merchant account, we encourage you to send us an email then our representative will contact you, and suggest you the best available options.

USA ACH Payment Gateway For Merchants In The Czech Republic

There is a massive trade happening between the Czech Republic and the United States of America. It means the many Czech Republic based companies are regularly expanding their business presence in the United States. These companies require the ability to accept payments from their customers in the United States of America. For payments from the United States of America to the Czech Republic, you can use Credit Card processing option as well as ACH payment processing option. Quadrapay works with reliable payment processing companies in the US that are comfortable in low onboarding risk and many high-risk businesses in the Czech Republic. Most of the times these payment gateways do not charge any setup fee. ACH payment gateway also gives you the ability to accept payments over the phone because it comes with a virtual terminal or Moto. You have to collect the account number, routing number, and essential billing details. You do not have to receive the credit card number, and the transaction can be submitted quickly to the ACH payment processing systems. Most of the times these transactions clear within 24 hours, and you get paid on a weekly basis.

Chargeback Alerts And Notification Services For A Merchant Account In The Czech Republic

If you are struggling with high chargeback ratio and your payment gateway company has been threatening you then possibly this is the right time for you to start using a chargeback alert and notification service. For the international business that accepts transactions from multiple nations. You can use an alert and notification service. The benefit is enormous. You get a notification for many transactions on near real-time basis, and you will get the ability to contact the customer and let them know about the situation. There may be a possibility that your customer may be retained or you may get the opportunity to initiate the refund. In both the cases, you will be avoiding the chargeback. When you avoid chargeback, and your chargeback ratio stays within the prescribed limit of the payment gateway companies, then your merchant account can remain live for the longer time.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.