Payment Gateway For Web Hosting Companies

Web Hosting Payment Gateway And Merchant Accounts

These days almost all companies are incorporating eCommerce into their businesses as they are aware of many advantages that eCommerce and internet marketing provides on a global scale. Web Hosting is a service that makes your website available to the users. Different companies are there that do web hosting for companies so that they can focus on the core business.

There are several kinds of web hosting that are done. If you are looking forward to investing in this business and getting paid for your services we Quadrapay are here to help you out with that. We completely understand your need to handle recurring payments from across the globe and provide the right tools and services to you to process the online credit cards and debit cards with a reliable payment gateway. We have got you covered with recurring billing facility. We also make sure that your credit card fraud prevention and chargeback is also kept in the account to keep your business smooth. Some merchants may qualify for the facility of saving customers credit card information that is encrypted and secured for your future references. While creating an account with our partners will cost you nothing as an upfront fee as we do not charge a single penny for joining. We provide superior customer service so that you don’t have any doubt regarding the account and the services.

Honesty, Protection and facility are the keywords Quadrapay relies upon

Secure Web Hosting Payment Gateway

Quadrapay is in partnership with several acquirers that provide the safe payment gateway and as we understand that you are looking for a payment gateway that can help you grow your web hosting business by accepting the payments across the globe in a secure manner.

Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Reduction For Web Hosting Companies

Who wants that they get troubled by the fraud and chargebacks in a business. Everyone wants the company should run smooth. As internet is the best place for business, but still it horrifies us at times when it comes to fraud and merchants running their business on the internet are worried about the credit card frauds; therefore Quadrapay provides you with fraud prevention tools. Features AVS, 3DS reduces the fraud and minimizes the chances of chargebacks.

Superior Customer Service For Web Server Sales Billing Queries

Our customer care executives explain about all the features in a way that you get the surety of Protection of your business. They will always be available to help you out if you have any query about the payment processes and if you need any assistance related to your business. We are available 24*7/365 at your service.

Web Hosting Card Details Database For Reoccurring Payments

I wish I could have saved the data of my customer’s card so I could have used it for future sale! Save Card For Later Use Feature.

Ever wondered so?

If yes then here we are with encrypted and secured database manager that is easy to use and that allows you to do that. It will also save the customer’s time as well as your’s during checkout.

Quadrapay Will Not Invoice You For Web Hosting Payment Gateway

You do not want to pay right away as you create an account with us not a problem we are not charging you for that. No charges until you start making transactions. Hurray! Account setup is free for many industries.

Filling an application for creating the account is as easy as ABC. Fill up your necessary details, and you are good to go. There are minimum formalities and less hassle.

Quadrapay will help you to reach the heights you wish to achieve in your business as we value your time and money, and we know that every big business starts small. We provide you with the best facilities available to enhance your business Feel free to contact us for any query and we would be glad to help you.

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