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QuadraPay Offers Multi Currency Payment Gateway In France.

French companies require reliable payment gateways to excel in national and international online sales. It is crucial for French merchants to set up the right payment gateway. The rates and the terms should be reasonable, and the merchant account agreement should have transparent clauses. Startup and experienced French merchants should look at various factors before choosing an online payment gateway. Some of the elements are:

  • The rate of Transaction / Merchant Discount Rate
  • Settlement Period
  • Arrear
  • Rolling Reserve
  • Wire Fees
  • Chargeback and Return Fees
  • Contract Termination charges.
  • Acceptable currencies
  • Type of card brands accepted.

French E-commerce and Merchant Processing Insight

France is a big E-commerce market. It is ranked 6th biggest e-commerce market worldwide. The French e-commerce sales are expected to reach 93 billion Euros by the end of 2018. As per an independent website Internet Live Stats, France has over 55,860,330 internet users, which exhibits great potential for online merchants. A massive portion of the French population does online shopping on a regular basis.

The French Republic is a sovereign state whose territory consists of metropolitan France in western Europe. France is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. With the population of over 67 million, the Gdp per capita in France is estimated at around 36,855 USD. The E-commerce penetration in France is about 72.8%. With massive technological advancement, France is a powerful nation. Thus it attracts enormous FDI.

French Merchants and Credit Card Payment Processing

French merchants are already ahead of merchants from many other nations concerning adopting the latest payment technology and innovations. It’s quite common to see French stores accepting digital payments. Merchants from France are also aggressively expanding globally with the help of cross-border payments. International Payment gateway in France can help local merchants in receiving payments from Eurozone and other global locations. To get a merchant account and payment gateway in France merchants must have these

  • A Registered Business.
  • Must have an active website that displays all products and services.
  • The site must have all Terms, Privacy and Refund Policies.
  • The website should load on HTTPS.
  • Merchant must have a Business bank account.
  • If the merchant sells tangible products, then the merchant will have to share the supplier agreement.
  • Merchant will have to send all the KYC documents to the Payment Gateway provider in France or EU.

Type of Merchant Accounts and Payment Gateways in France

Globally merchants are classified as high risk or low risk. For high-risk industries, it is hard to get a merchant account from local or french domestic banks. It is the key reason why most of the high-risk merchants usually rely on offshore merchant account providers for credit card processing services.

Low-risk merchant accounts in France are those accounts that hardly attract any credit or reputation risk. Local French banks always love these accounts. The chargeback to sales ratio is usually very low on these accounts, and that is why every PSP wants to acquire these accounts. Quadrapay has excellent connections with few Europe based payment service providers. We can help online merchants in France to by assisting them with reliable online payment processing gateway.

The solutions provided by our processing partners are highly secure and can be set up in a low time frame. Most of the times french merchants can get the response of Pre-Approval request in less than 24 working hours. With the genuine line of business and proper documentation merchants in France can quickly get high-risk merchants. French merchants can also accept payment from the USA by using USA ACH Payment processing gateway. France based merchants who have customers in the USA can easily avail Echeck/ACH virtual terminal. We invite you to contact us so that we can let you know more about various global payment gateway solutions.

Quadrapay Advantage for French Merchants

Quadrapay has massive experience in assisting merchants from various industries and nations(Including France) in finding reliable payment gateways. No matter if you are using Opencart or Woocommerce we will be able to suggest a perfect payment processing provider for your website. Contact Quadrapay today for services like chargeback alerts, High-Risk Merchant Accounts, Payment gateways and other related services. Feel free to write to us at [email protected]. Or you can also call us at +1 63183 21773.