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Credit & Debit Card Payments In Deutschland. Get Low Cost Payment Gateway In Germany

Most of the online businesses in Germany have entered the E-commerce sector. Germany is a global leader in the import and export sector. It attracts a tremendous amount of foreign investments. Large International companies establish Joint ventures with German firms. German companies require international merchant accounts for their global online sales. At Quadrapay, we help German businesses in opening a merchant account easily. Our team will assist you in finding reliable payment service provider in Germany or other parts of Europe as per your requirements. To excel in global trade and business, every German entrepreneur requires robust payment processing platforms with multiple modes of payment acceptance. Quadrapay helps German companies in finding suitable merchant accounts and highly secure payment gateways.

Germany is also called Deutschland. It is a wealthy and powerful country situated in western and central Europe, with a Berlin as the capital city. Germany has the population over 82 million which makes it the most populous member state of the European Union. Germans are global leaders in technology sectors as well as some manufacturing sectors also. Germany has a strong Economy which stands as the fourth largest in the world as of now.

E-commerce, Payment Gateways And Germany

As per Statista the german E-commerce penetration is about 77.3% of the total population which estimates about 63.9 millions of users. It is a very high volume, and it creates a massive requirement of reliable merchant account acquiring institutions. Merchants in Germany are classified as Low-Risk Merchants or High-Risk Merchants.

Low Risk Merchant Account in Germany

These accounts are simple and easy to get. Most of the times German companies with good financial standing and excellent credit history qualify for this type of payment processing account. Some industries are considered low risk, for example, Toy Store, Online Garments store, Govt entities, etc.

High Risk Merchant Account In Germany

Sometimes it can be complicated to open a merchant account for High-Risk Merchants in Germany. Like other nations, German credit card processing companies provide payment services to high risk as well as low-risk merchants. Germany is a reputed nation and is best known for its highly advanced payment processing services. Still, sometimes few merchants find it difficult to get a payment gateway and merchant account in Deutschland. These businesses can approach Offshore merchant account providers and get a high-risk merchant account. High-risk merchant account holders have to pay a slightly higher transaction fee as compared to low-risk merchants.

Online Payment Gateway In Germany

Nowadays most of the merchants sell their services and products through websites. Customers usually buy products from these E-commerce sites. Customers prefer these sites because these sites have thousands of products and the customer can make the selection quickly. Customers make payment by cashless transactions through Debit cards, Prepaid Debit Cards, Credit cards, Online Banking, SEPA and Mobile payments. These online payment gateways make the life easy for the merchant and the customer.

USA ACH And Echeck Payment Processing For German Merchants

Merchants from Germany can use USA echeck and ACH Payment processing solution to accept payments from USA based Merchants. With ACH payment gateway customers can quickly make payments from their bank accounts. There are multiple third-party ACH payment service providers in the USA. Reliable German merchant can apply to these processors. The customer needs to give essential details for making ACH transactions. These details include.

Full Name, Email, Billing address, Phone number, Account number, Routing number and Amount. Please note a few banks in the USA do not support echeck transactions, but most of them do. Echeck and ACH solution comes with a virtual terminal that can be used by German merchants to accept Phone Orders.

Chargeback Alerts And Notifications For German Merchants

Every merchant knows that high chargeback ratio can get the merchant account closed and funds may be frozen for a long time. A low chargeback ratio is necessary for a merchant to have a stable merchant account. It is essential for a merchant to look at its chargeback ratio. To keep the rate under the approved limit of the acquiring institution merchants must evaluate various chargeback alert services. Quadrapay helps german merchants with chargeback alerts and notification services through its partners.

Merchant Services For German Merchants

To get a robust merchant account and payment gateway for your Germany based business feel free to contact Quadrapay today. You can send us an email on [email protected]. You can also use the online merchant account application to raise instant inquiry. Our team works with many acquiring institutions in the European Union and the Euro Zone. We are sure we will be able to add value to your esteemed German company.