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Table of Contents

Credit Card Processing In Egypt

Egypt is home to renowned world heritage sites like the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. Travellers from across the world visit these ancient phenomenal monuments. Egyptian businesses not only offer excellent travel experience to International Travellers but these businesses also sell products and services through the internet to customers located in different countries. For online payments, these businesses require merchant accounts in Egypt. With Merchant accounts and payment gateways, Egyptian companies can readily accept credit card payments from local and international customers. Quadrapay works with a vast range of payment processing companies. We are resellers of various Credit Card processing organisations. Our team helps businesses in Egypt get a reliable Card processing solution. Most of the payment service providers offer 3D Secure Credit Card processing. The 3D Secure filter allows firms in reducing fraud ratio to a large extent. We all know that online payments can create serious challenges if the fraud ratio is not under the specified limit of the processing company. In this detailed article, we will talk about various payment options that are available for businesses located in Egypt.

Online Credit And Debit Card Processing For Egyptian Businesses.

For online credit and debit card processing option, the Egyptian business must have a business bank account. The company must have the required licences and should have an active website. Credit Card processors that offer services to merchants in Egypt need copies of KYC documents. KYC stands for know your customer. With the help of the merchant account application and KYC documents, the payment gateway company evaluates the risk. If the exposure and the risk profile of the merchant are under the prescribed of the processing company, then there is a considerable possibility that the merchant will get access to the merchant account. In case if the merchant is not able to get a processing solution, then the merchant must approach a high risk merchant account provider.

Recurring Billing With Egyptian Payment Gateway.

Many businesses require recurring billing. With subscription option, merchants can charge a specific amount at specific time intervals from the cardholder. Unfortunately not every processing company offers reoccurring and subscription payment option. Still, some processing companies may be comfortable in evaluating your application for reoccurring payment. The most common Industries that require recurring payments are Web design, SEO, Weight loss, Online Dating services, Online education websites and Professional services.

Website Compliance For Merchant Accounts In Egypt

Your website must follow the guidelines prescribed by various payment processing companies. If you don’t have the information about these guidelines, then do not worry. This detailed article will help you to understand these requirements quickly.

Your website is your online store: Payment processing companies are not comfortable in offering merchant services to those businesses that do not have an active site. How can an incomplete website with almost zero traffic attract sales? These are two factors which are responsible for the preliminary rejection of startup applications. We suggest Egypt based business owners must update the website so that it appears as a complete site to the payment processing Institution. Processors prefer to work with visionary business owners. Business owners must try to attract some traffic to their website. If a payment processing company identifies that the Egyptian business does not have any traffic, then there is a huge possibility that they will decline the application. Payment processes spend production hours to approve accounts. There is no benefit of approving an account when the merchant is not going to get any traffic that converts in sales.

Transaction security: Every website that accepts payments must have an SSL certificate. In the fintech industry, it’s a mandatory requirement. The payment industry requires merchants to implement https protocol on the business website. This certificate helps to secure the credit card information.

Contact Details: Successful businesses always allow customers to connect with the customer service team seamlessly. On your website, you must mention the phone number email and the physical address of the business. It also helps in reducing the chargeback to sales ratio.

Proper Product And Service Description: You need to set the correct expectations for your customers. To get this accomplished, you should mention the detailed description of all the products and services that you wish to promote using your site and the Egyptian payment gateway. If you clearly describe the specification dimension and other features of the product, then the chances are that the customer will not be dissatisfied. Remember dissatisfied customers invite chargebacks. It is vital for any business to reduce the chargeback ratio.

Chargeback Alert For International Merchants In Egypt

Many merchants in Egypt offer services to International clients. These clients can be located in countries like the United States, European Union and Australia to name a few. To reduce the possibility of getting charged back from customers located in these countries is it based merchant must evaluate chargeback alerts and notifications services. With chargeback alerts, business owners can quickly get a notification when a cardholder contacts the card issue. Please keep in mind business owners cannot get alerts on all the disputes. Still on a massive percentage of disputes business owners get alerts. The merchant can inform the alert provider company about the resolution, and this may help them in preventing those disputes from becoming chargebacks.

High Risk Merchant Accounts In Egypt

Just like any other geography of the world financial Institutions follow the same principles when onboarding a merchant. If the profile of the industry or the merchant is questionable, then the chances are that low-risk payment gateway providers will immediately reject the application. Merchants from few high risk Industries may qualify for Credit Card processing. These business owners should contact high risk payment gateway providers. These Credit Card processing companies charge high transaction fees and also ask the merchant to agree for a fixed or rolling reserve. Technically speaking the rolling reserve is primarily a risk mitigation step implemented by the processing Institution. Quadrapay works with multiple processing companies. Some of these companies may be interested in evaluating high risk merchant account applications from Egypt and other African Nations. Please send us an email on [email protected] to get more details about high risk processing services.

ACH For USA Payments In Egypt

Do you know that after Credit Card processing the most popular mode of transaction in the United States is ACH/Echeck? Many ACH payment processing companies are comfortable in evaluating applications from International merchants. For your Egypt based business, you can apply with a Third party USA ACH payment processor. If approved you will be getting an API document that will help you to easily integrate the gateway on your business website you also get the possibility of using ACH Virtual terminal. With VT you can submit mail orders and telephone orders. The echeck payment gateway for ecommerce can easily patch in with well known shopping carts. The API document is extensive but quite easy to understand.

The Quadrapay team will be happy to help you get a robust credit card processing solution for your business. We look forward to getting your email.