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Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

Ecommerce secure payment processing with ready to use CMS plugins. Low cost global CNP payments.

Retail Credit Card Processing

Feature rich and cost effective Retail Credit Card Processing POS solutions.

SEPA ACH Echeck Processing

Maximise sales by offering various payment modes including ACH & APMs.

In App Payment Acceptance

Mobile API solution to accepts most payments for in app purchases on popular mobile app platforms.
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International Payment Gateway Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful business centre in the world. The world-class infrastructure of hong kong invites many businesses to this location. Hong Kong provides stability and global recognition to startups and experienced entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs love to operate here because of the relaxed taxation structure implemented by the government of Hong Kong. It is effortless to set up subsidiaries for foreign business owners in Hong Kong due to a fair and transparent legal system. Many businesses in Hong Kong perform international trade activities. These businesses accept global transactions with the help of merchant accounts. Companies that are in high-risk industries prefer to use high-risk payment gateway in Hong Kong to receive credit card payments. In the fintech industry, there are the variety of payment channels. These payment channels assist businesses in providing choices to the customers to make payments. If any business requires a high-risk merchant account for their Hong Kong-based subsidiary, then the business owners can undoubtedly contact Quadrapay. Quadrapay is a merchant service reseller company that help merchants in finding cost-effective payment processing solutions.

What Type Of Payment Gateways Are Available In Hong Kong?

There are multiple payment processing solutions available in Hong Kong. However, the approval of these solutions depends on the industries in which companies are working. For the high-risk sector like Nutraceuticals, Professional Services, IT services and Forex there are only a few options.

Hong Kong-based merchants can approach high risk processing companies if most local processors have said no. These high risk payment gateway companies may charge more than low risk local credit card processing firms. Local banks usually do not onboard high-risk businesses because of high chargeback to sales ratio. Reputed organisations from low risk industries can undoubtedly use services from Low risk acquiring institutions. Hong Kong-based international high-risk merchants can also use ACH/Echeck as an alternative mode of payment processing. Please note that echeck payment processing is only beneficial if the merchant has customers from the US.

Low and mid-risk businesses in Hong Kong can get multiple payment options. The reason why? The risk management of these organisations is effortless. Local acquiring banks love to work with low and mid-risk businesses. This is because of low chargebacks and disputes. This is the key reason why most of these companies can quickly get a payment gateway in Hong Kong.

Online Payment Gateway for E-commerce business in Hong Kong

The best and the most convenient modes of online payments is credit card processing. Customers always prefer to use credit and debit cards to make transactions online. Business owners can use Multi-Currency payment gateways. Buyers from multiple nations can make payments to hong kong based websites by using the multicurrency gateway.

How Quadrapay Can Help Hong Kong Merchants?

First of all, a representative at Quadrapay will contact merchants to understand the legality of the products, services and business model. After that, the team will send the website URL to a relevant payment service provider for pre-approval. If the website gets approved, then the representative will request the merchant to submit the detailed application and copies of KYC documents. The team will share the same with the relevant payment processing company. The PSP will evaluate the risk profile and the KYC set of the merchant. If the underwriting team approved the application, then the merchant gets an agreement. The merchant will have to sign the contract before getting the access to the merchant account details.

Benefits For Hong Kong Based Merchants If They Work With Quadrapay

  • The team will extend the support to the merchant throughout the application and integration process.
  • If you need multiple merchant accounts, then quadrapay can assist. We will be happy to get you connected to more than one processing company.
  • Like other predatory resellers, we do not charge an application fee. We directly connect the merchant with the credit card processing firm. The PSP send the pricing to the merchant.
  • Merchants are free to negotiate rates and terms directly with the processing institution.
  • Quadrapay only suggests PCI DSS Compliant payment service providers. We understand that it is vital to follow the rules and that is why we only recommend legal and genuine processing firms.
  • Fast approval is possible with the assistance of Quadrapay. We immediately send your website to a processing company for pre-approval. It helps you to save time.
  • Merchants can accept payments in more than one currency. Quadrapay assists businesses to get multi-currency payment gateways.

If you are interested in getting a reliable credit card processing account in Hong Kong then email us on [email protected]