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Feature rich and cost effective Retail Credit Card Processing POS solutions.

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Merchant Account and Payment Gateways in Liechtenstein – An Overview

With the expansion of online business in Liechtenstein, many startups and experienced companies have entered the E-commerce sector. The primary purpose of these merchants is to generate online sales. To make sales online, they need a merchant account and a payment gateway. Quadrapay helps Liechtenstein based companies find suitable merchant accounts. Our company also offers global payment gateways to merchants from other parts of Europe like France, Germany, Sweden to name a few.

Merchant Services And Liechtenstein Industry Insight

Liechtenstein is an alpine nation surrounded by beautiful hills. Its GDP Per Person is highest in the world as per CIA World Factbook. The population of this amazing country is just about 0.04 million. Vaduz, the capital city, is a robust financial and business center of Liechtenstein. The unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world and is 1.5%. The E-commerce penetration in Liechtenstein is tremendous and is about 74.5%. Such a high e-commerce penetration is one of the driving force behind the nation’s growth.

It is a small country, but it is one of the most progressive hubs for financial services in Europe. It is famous for delivering best returns to investors. The nation offers a rich world-class infrastructure with a highly qualified workforce. Quadrapay is proud to have the capability to assist most of the merchants from Liechtenstein. We can help Liechtenstein based merchants in finding decent credit and debit card processing options for Low risk as well as High-risk industries. If local banks in Liechtenstein have declined your application stating that you are a High-Risk Merchant, then do not worry. We work with many High-Risk Merchant Account providers for Liechtenstein. They will be interested in evaluating your application and risk profile.

Why Liechtenstein Based Companies Need Merchant Accounts

Companies in Liechtenstein have seen tremendous growth because of high e-commerce penetration and the use of online payment gateways. In a nutshell, it is vital for any Liechtenstein based e-commerce company to get a payment gateway and merchant account. helps merchants in opening merchant account as per the individual needs.

  • Additional Merchant Services in Liechtenstein. Apart from assisting merchants with Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts in Liechtenstein we also offer various other services to our global clients. Some of the services are listed below.
  1. Chargeback Alerts and Notification Service. With this CDRN service, Liechtenstein based companies can reduce the chargeback to sales ratio to a considerable extent.
  2. USA Echeck and ACH in Liechtenstein. Merchants in Liechtenstein selling to clients in the USA can use this alternative mode of payment. We have established relationships with reputed Third party ACH payment processing companies in the USA that are comfortable in onboarding merchants from Liechtenstein.
  3. High and Low-Risk Merchant Accounts in Liechtenstein. There are various reasons why a merchant in Liechtenstein would need an international merchant account for online business. Globally the acquiring banks classify merchants in 2 different types.
  4. Low-Risk Merchant Accounts. Merchants that hardly attract chargebacks are low-risk merchants, and they are offered low-risk merchant accounts. Getting this kind of account is very easy and is also economical as per MDR(Merchant Discount Rate)
  5. High-Risk Merchant Accounts. These merchants attract high chargeback ratio and are usually considered risk-oriented. Many acquirers and payment gateway companies say no to these merchant types. Still, many of our partners will be happy to evaluate your application if you are a high-risk merchant in Liechtenstein.
Some Of The Risk Factors That High-Risk Industries Have Are Listed Below
  • High Chargeback Ratio
  • Regulatory Challenges with the industry in which the merchant is operating
  • High Ticket or Per order size
  • Extended service delivery time frame.

As mentioned above it is easy for low-risk merchants to get merchant accounts and payment gateways for their online business. Many options include Offshore Merchant Accounts and Domestic Merchant Accounts. If the merchant chooses payment services with the foreign or global payment gateway company, then the merchant is subject to pay a higher fee. Most of the times merchants from high-risk industries approach these providers.

Online Payment Gateways Are Vital For Businesses In Liechtenstein.

In today’s world, every business owner understands the importance of payment gateways. Without payment gateways, it’s not easy for businesses to become global. Honestly doing cashless transactions with Credit cards and Debit cards is the need of the hour. With online payment and multiple currency processing options, merchants get high chances of earning reasonable profits for their business activities. It is very safe to use online payment gateways, Online banking, Mobile payments, Wallet to Wallet payments, Debit cards, Credit cards, Wire transfer for making online transactions.

Quadrapay A Source Of Reliable Merchant Services For Liechtenstein Based Companies.

To get a reliable payment gateway and merchant account in Liechtenstein feel free to contact us by sending an email to us on [email protected]. We will assist you in finding the correct acquiring solution. Feel free to fill the online merchant account application form. You can also reach us on +16318321773. Feel free to write to us for the fulfillment of the merchant services requirements for your Liechtenstein based company.