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Payment Gateway Mozambique

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Businesses in Mozambique? Save With Payment Gateway Mozambique

As of now there are very few domestic Payment Gateway In Mozambique for credit and debit card processing. This is why we want to share a pro way to get a payment gateway in for your business in Mozambique.

Why there are not many Payment Gateway Options in Mozambique?

Well there is a simple answer to it and that is the nation is developing and as the economy grows and the card holders number increases then we will see more providers in the nation of Mozambique. However you must know that there are thousands of payment processors in the world and many of them may help you provided you have these.

  • An offshore company. Yes you will need a company in the region where the processor is licensed to operate. This may be EU/EEA, CEMEA, Asia Pacfic, Latin America, Australia. You may need a local partner/Director in this company as many payment processors will like to have a local decision maker director in application. You will need to find a accountant or a company formation team that will assist you in setting up a company. Here is a blog post about registering a company in UK easily.
  • Physical Address. You will need a local address for compliance purposes.
  • Local Bank Account. Your company formation provider will help you establish company and a local bank account. The processor can only wire funds in the region where it is approved for.
  • Local Merchant account. Once you have a local company, Local partner, Local bank account then you can approach local payment processor in that country or region and chances are that you may get lucky.

Feel Free To Ask Questions in Comment Section If you Have Any. We will be glad to answer those and clear your doubts. If You think we have missed any provider that offers services in Mozambique then let us know. We will be happy to review the same.

Here is the comprehensive list of  Local Institutions that offer Payment Related Services in Mozambique

Disclaimer:- We are not associated with any of the Banks or PSP/Processors listed below. You can contact these providers directly for getting more information about there services. This information is only for reference and shall not be considered accurate.

Mozambique is home to a huge number of startups that are trying to excel in the African as well as international market. To reach global recognition Mozambique based companies require credit and debit card processing solutions. The best approach to find a processor would be to contact your local bank. Most of the banks have divisions that specifically handle merchant account services. If you are able to get a solution from a local bank then this can be considered the best option as the rates will be extremely low.

Banco Comercial e de Investimentos SARL

The BCI Bank provides various payment and financial services. Some of these include Funding, card Issuing and Merchant acquiring. The Official website of BCI Bank provides detailed information about the services available to individual and corporate users.

BCI Offers POS and ATM solutions across many locations in Mozambique. The cards issued by BCI can be used across the ATMs and POS machines powered by BCI and its partner networks.

Contact Banco Comercial e de Investimentos SARL


SIMO is a joint initiative of Banco de Moçambique and an International ATM network. The SIMO initiative provides the ATM transaction facility to people across many cities in Moçambique



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