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Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

Ecommerce secure payment processing with ready to use CMS plugins. Low cost global CNP payments.

Retail Credit Card Processing

Feature rich and cost effective Retail Credit Card Processing POS solutions.

SEPA ACH Echeck Processing

Maximise sales by offering various payment modes including ACH & APMs.

In App Payment Acceptance

Mobile API solution to accepts most payments for in app purchases on popular mobile app platforms.
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QuadraPay Offers Credit Card Payment Gateway In Norway.

Now accept credit and debit card payments across Norway and 100 plus nations at super low pricing. Apart from card processing, we also offer bank transfer, buy now pay later, mobile payments, apple pay and QR code payments in Norway. Apply today to get the advantage.

Credit Card Merchant Account In Norway

Our credit card merchant account solutions cater to the diverse needs of Norwegian merchants. These accounts are powered by highly reliable banks and offer extremely competitive pricing. To get started, we require you to submit some basic information that includes your Name, Email and the Business website. Our online payment solutions come with exceptional features, and some of these are listed below.

A Class Norge Payment Service Provider Features.

99.99% Up-time For Maximum Transaction Success. Our payment solutions utilise a highly advanced technical infrastructure that offers 99.99% up-time across day and night. High stability payment servers ensure maximum customer satisfaction and minimum cart abandonment.

OmniChannel Payments. 360 Degree Payment Acceptance. Yes, you can now accept payments on your website, mobile apps, emails, and retail store. All through only one acquirer. Truly omni channels capabilities help you avoid multiple agreements.

Accept All Major Credit And Debit Cards In Norway. Do not leave any customer. Let the customer use any popular credit or debit card brand.

API And VT. Accept payments on the website and phone. With a virtual terminal, you can accept payments on telephone lines.

Retail Payment Service Provider In Norway. Norge Credit Card Terminal For In-store Payments. Get brand new payment terminals for your store in Norway. Retail stores in Norway can accept card-present transactions. Norwegian retail stores accept credit and debit card payments using point of sale terminals, also known as POS Devices/EDC Machines. With the high availability of cardholders across Norway, retail stores usually accept most payments by card.

What Are The Significant Advantages Of Credit Card Processing In Norway?

It does not matter whether you are running a small business or a large scale retail business chain in this generation. It would help if you had a credit card processing solution, and it is a must-have payment solution. Apart from these, a business also needs to upgrade the business model and integrate new processing solutions as per the latest trends to keep on generating more profits.

Here are some of the indispensable advantages that a business merchant can enjoy with credit card processing Norway solution:

Faster Settlement Without Hassle: It is very much necessary to maintain the cash flow for a business. By accepting credit card processing in Norway, a business merchant can experience a seamless payment processing experience. While compared to the other popular payment methods like paper checks and cash payments, a business physically goes to the banks and deposits the funds into the bank account. This can be another hassle for many merchants. It is always recommended to have a credit card processing Norway solution for faster funds settlement in business merchant accounts.

Ease Of Payment Settlement: The best feature of credit card processing in Norway is that it provides ease of payment processing experience to the customers and the business owner. A business customer only has to provide credit card details on the payment gateway or swipe the card into the payment terminal and finalize the transaction. The rest of the payment process is automated and does not require many human resources. Funds are debited from customers’ credit cards and settled in the business merchant account in Norway.

Gain Business Profits: Credit card offers better peace of mind and freedom while shopping for customers. It is even noted that customers tend to purchase many products with credit cards, while the debit card users only purchase selected products and have low ticket cart volume. That is how it makes it more beneficial for a business merchant to accept credit card payments in Norway to achieve high ticket sales and more business revenue.

Ease Of Business Management: Along with the automated payment processing, a credit card processing Norway solution also comes with several benefits that make it beneficial for a Norway business merchant. This also assists you in generating a payment invoice for products that are sold at the time of placing an order easily.

The onboarding procedure is also easy. All you have to do is submit the merchant application form with all the details. Along with the form, it is also required to submit a set of KYC documents that helps in faster approval and verification procedures.

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