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Generate Striking Sales With Online Payment Gateway In Oman

Payment solutions are critical for the growth of any economy. These days central banks in most emerging economies are suggesting people to use digital payments as the mode of transaction. This mode helps government agencies to easy monitor transaction and eventually helps in generating more accurate statistics for the social good. QuadraPay understands the potential of the nation and that is why now it offers high quality Payment Gateways in Oman.

As a partner of various local and international payment processing companies Quadrapay can provide quality assistance when it comes to merchant processing in Oman and GCC. Our solutions are powered by verified PSPs and acquiring institutions. Quaadrapay can offer well known payment methods to oman based merchants. Additional solutions that Oman merchants can use include EU iban, USA ACH and Canadian EFT.

Oman based businesses are exploring online retail at a breakneck pace. The reason for moving into online retail space is that it will help the country’s economy to grow even stronger. Entrepreneurs realise the importance of the internet in the global market. Many Oman based businesses sell products and services to international buyers through e-commerce websites. Many businesses offer services like Web Hosting, Web Designing, Software development, search engine optimisation and Import-export. Many of these businesses are using payment gateways in Oman to accept payments for these products and services. It is essential for business owners to choose a reliable payment processing company that follows the rules of major card brands. Quadrapay is a global merchant service reseller company which helps global merchants in finding international payment processing options. These options can help merchants with safe and secure online transactions and allow to accept transactions of all major card brands.

Feature Rich Payment Gateway In Oman For International Trade

Business owners from Oman have already experienced the benefits of working with buyers across the world. Many entrepreneurs from Oman have already established business relationships with foreign companies. It is vital for local businesses to accept International transactions. This facility helps Organisations in expanding the Global Footprint. Financial Institutions have also understood this essential change. It is the key reason why many processing companies have started offering cross-border payments facility to Oman based merchants. With cross-border payments website owners can readily accept credit and debit card payment from International customers. These customers can make payment in local currency as the payment processing solutions offer multi-currency gateway. For those businesses that are especially working with customers in the United States of America, ACH payment gateway can also play a critical role. Some third-party ACH payment processing companies may be interested in evaluating applications from International merchants on a case by case basis. Quadrapay has established reseller relationship with few of the best echeck service providers and credit card processing organisations across the globe. We will be glad to assist in finding a suitable option. Send us an email on [email protected] for more information.

Pricing and Fees For Offshore And GCC Payment Gateway For Oman Based Businesses

Pricing plays the critical role when it comes to choosing a payment gateway companies. No company wishes to pay higher transaction fees. We at Quadrapay understand this, and that is why we only recommend those processors that offer services at economical pricing. Pricing varies depending upon multiple factors that include Age of the business, Line of business, the credit score of the business owners and many other factors. To get detailed pricing, please contact us. We will be happy to get accurate pricing from a registered PSP.

Quadrapay Oman Merchant Accounts. Features That Will Help You Grow. 

The payment processing solutions that we recommend are highly secure and they offer advanced features. The security is a prime concern for the Credit Card processing industry, and that is why all the processing companies that we work with are fully compliant to the PCI DSS standard. For the ease of transaction, the processing companies offer API and pay by email facility. Processing companies provide monthly and weekly reporting about the transaction values to the merchant.

Benefits Of Using Payment Gateway In Oman

To grow in the domestic and the international market is vital for businesses across Oman. Businesses need to adapt to the latest market trends. Across the middle, east region businesses are going global. They are not only selling within their nation, but they are also selling to customers in various other countries. Quadrapay is one of the very few resellers that are focused on assisting merchants from countries like Oman, UAE, Lebanon and Morocco.

Affiliate Disclosure.

Few of the links below are our affiliate links and we may earn a small commission if you signup using these links. Please note that all providers listed here are highly recognised and offer excellent services.

Top Payment Service Providers In Oman

One must know that it Oman is one of the most vibrant nations in the middle east. The professional approach of the government helps businesses achieve there full potential. These businesses may operate in B2B or B2C sector however they will always need a payment solution. So lets look at few of the payment gateway solutions that are available in Oman .

Paytabs Payment Gateway

Paytabs is a large payment service provider with its foot prints in various nations. The company offers excellent eCommerce payment processing capabilities to merchants in Oman and various other GCC Nations. Few of the Middle east nations that are supported by Paytabs are United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco,Malaysia, New Caledonia and Saudi Arabia.

Myfatoorah Payment Gateway.

Located at Ghala street South Ghurbrah, Sultanate of Oman the company offers some great services for modern merchants. Some of the key features of the solutions from Myfatoorah are listed below

Invoice System. They call it the F1-Invoice and i believe that the features are quite revolutionary. The invoicing solution allows merchants to accept payments on various platforms including email, SMS and Whattsapp. The solution allows merchants to customise the invoice color schemes so that it relates to the merchants band identity. Most of the payments methods that are prevalent in GCC are offered with this solution. The solution also offers feature similar to read receipt where the merchant gets to know if the buyer has seen the invoice or not. To ensure that merchant and sellers are on the same page the merchant gets the ability to accept payments only if the terms are accepted by the buyer.

POS. With the POS solution from Myfatoorah Payment Gateway merchants can accept in-store payments. The solution comes at cost effective rates and offers highly advanced features like Detailed reporting and paperless billing
Payment Gateway. The solution comes with ready to use API and SDK. The processing capabilities include accepting over 20 card payment methods. The settlement can be done in over 10 popular currencies. Integration is super easy with the availability of plugins for well known CMS like Opencart, Woocomerce, Magento, Prestashop, .net and other Lamp Stack CMs Various security filters help merchants reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

BankDhofar Payment Gateway Solution

This is a solution from a bank located in Oman. The solution helps merchants accept eCommerce transaction. Various card types are accepted as well as many alternative payment methods. The rates appear to be quite reasonable. The integration is easy as the Bank provides plugin for integration. Transactions are secured with 2 factor authentication.

BankDhofar also provides additional merchant services in Oman. This includes POS solutions and B2B payments. To apply for a merchant account solution from BankDhofar one can vist the official website of the bank and initiate the request.

CC Avenue

One of the largest payment processing companies in India CCAvenue has already established business relationships with Bank of Muscat and BankDhofar has the capability of offering highly efficient payment processing solutions. CCAvenue offers services to clients in many GCC nations .