Get Low Cost Payment Gateway In Poland For Card & Bank Transfers

Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

Ecommerce secure payment processing with ready to use CMS plugins. Low cost global CNP payments.

Retail Credit Card Processing

Feature rich and cost effective Retail Credit Card Processing POS solutions.

SEPA ACH Echeck Processing

Maximise sales by offering various payment modes including ACH & APMs.

In App Payment Acceptance

Mobile API solution to accepts most payments for in app purchases on popular mobile app platforms.

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QuadraPay Offers Multi-Functional Payment Gateway In Poland For Online And Retail Sales.

Businesses in Poland use payment gateways and merchant accounts to accept credit and debit card transactions. Poland’s retail stores use EDC machines/POS machines to take card-present transactions. Contactless payments are also becoming extremely popular in Poland and many European countries. Besides card-present transactions, CNP transactions are also very popular in Poland. QuadraPay offers Payment Gateway In Poland For Growth. Let’s look at these in detail.

Online Payment Gateway In Poland. Start accepting credit and debit card payments online. The gateway allows merchants to accept all well-known card types and brands. Along with credit cards, merchants can also accept virtual cards, SEPA, Ideal and other APMs.

POS Machine In Poland. Get a brand new pos machine. We offer pos machines for restaurants, jewelers, healthcare, cbd, gym, etc. Devices are available with multiple connectivity options. Our POS machines are QC tested and come with a detailed setup guide.

IVR Payments In Poland. Excellent payment option for insurance, health care, education, school, and telecom companies. Now your clients can submit card information over a phone call. Interactive Voice Response Payment Solution is widely used in industries where customers are supposed to make regular payments but do not wish to give standing instructions for subscriptions.

High Success Rate. EU Mid For Poland. All our solutions come from top payment networks and acquiring banks in the EU. The infrastructure offers maximum conversion and minimum declines for cards issued in the EU and other regions.

Fast Settlements. T+1, T+3 And T+3. Faster Payments mean better cash flow. What is the point of keeping your money in the merchant account for more than T+3 days? Most low-risk merchants qualify for fast payout with zero reserves.

AI-Driven Fraud Reduction. Less Fraud Means More Profit. Get the required assistance to identify fraud before a transaction. The built-in AI-driven tools help isolate fraudulent transactions and save the merchants hard-earned money.

Easy To Implement API. Mobile API Support. Super easy integration with detailed API. Get full features with plugins for WordPress, Woocomerce and Magento. Mobile API Kit can be used to integrate the gateway with Google APPs and iPhone Apps.

Real-Time Merchant Panel Reporting. Get a birds-eye view on all of your transactions. The interactive merchant panel shows all transactions with returns and chargebacks.

Supporting Various Industries. We have a no discrimination approach. Our solutions are open to merchants from various industries like Funeral Home, Landlords, Veterinary, Gas Station, HVAC Contractors, Vape, Headshop, Travel, Marketplace and Betting.

High Risk Merchant Support. Did the local bank say no to you because your industry is high risk? No Problem. We work with various high risk payment solution providers and can assist you.

Documents Needed For A Merchant Account In Poland

  • Business license. Our solutions are open to merchants with different setups. few of these are listed below
    • Foreign companies operating in Poland
    • The Polish Sole Proprietorship
    • The Polish Limited Joint-Stock Partnership
    • The Polish Registered Partnership
    • The Polish Civil Partnership
    • The Polish Limited Partnership
    • The Polish Joint-Stock Company
    • The Polish Limited Liability Company
    • Registered Polish NGO, Charity And Trusts.
  • ID Proof of major stakeholders/UBO/Directors/Principle/Trustee.
  • Proof of address of the establishment
  • Utility Bill
  • Whois site certificate.

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