Payment Gateway Poland

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Poland is the biggest economy in Central Europe. It is also the six most prominent in the European Union and 20th in the world. Poland acts as a useful bridge between the European Union and Eastern European Nations. The country offers world-class infrastructure. A highly educated workforce contributes together for the development of Poland. Topmost industries in Poland include Aviation, Automotives, Furniture, Chemicals, Information Technology, Mining Equipment, and Shipbuilding. The nation attracts a massive amount of foreign direct investment in the sectors mentioned above.

Payment Gateway in Poland

Businesses located in Poland use payment gateways and merchant accounts to accept transactions by credit and debit cards. Retail stores across Poland use EDC machines/POS machine to take card present transactions. Contactless payments are also becoming extremely popular in Poland as well as many European countries. Apart from Card present transactions, CNP transactions are also very popular in Poland.

Online Payment Gateway and Merchant Account in Poland

Most of the merchants in Poland sell their products and services through websites. These websites are mostly E-Commerce site selling hundreds and thousands of products. Customers prefer to make purchases by visiting the merchant’s website. Customers also make payments by clicking on pay by email link or invoice payment link. Merchants all across Poland prefer payment gateway solutions that offer API integration as well as per by email link. Some merchants may also require Virtual Terminal/VT/Moto to accept phone orders.

High Risk Merchant Account In Poland

Some merchant may be classified as a low-risk Merchant, and some are classified as High Risk merchants. It’s usually not a problem for low risk merchants, but sometimes it can be very problematic for high risk merchants to get a payment processing solutions. High Risk Merchants from Poland can apply to High Risk Payment service providers or Offshore payment service providers. Most of the payment service providers located in Europe are comfortable working with merchants from Poland. High Risk Merchants situated in Poland must have proper business licenses as well as KYC documents to apply for the merchant account. The website should have terms and conditions along with refund policy in a precise manner. Payment service providers who offer services to high risk merchants require the merchant to implement SSL certificate on the website. The SSL certificate ensures the security of transaction information. With a High Risk Merchant Account merchants may have to pay a higher transaction fee. They may also be subjected to a rolling reserve and delayed payout.

USA ACH Payment Processing In Poland

Merchants in Poland sometimes sell their services and products to American buyers. We all know that after Credit Card processing ACH payment processing is one of the most popular modes of the transaction in the United States of America. It is a great initiative to evaluate ACH payment processing solutions for Poland based merchants. Few Third Party ACH payment processing companies located in the United States may be comfortable in assessing applications from Poland based genuine merchants. If the merchant’s bank in Poland accepts USD check, then merchants can also use substitute check solution. This solution comes with a virtual terminal and even with API integration. Checks are authenticated for validity. Validation includes account number validation, routing number validation and validation of required funds availability to clear the cheque.

If you need a payment gateway, ACH payment processing solution or a Merchant Account for your Poland based business, then we invite you to write an email to us. Our email address is [email protected] The merchant support team at quadrapay will be happy to analyze your website and suggest you the best possible payment processing solutions for your business.

Dokumenty potrzebne do konta handlowca w Polsce

  • Zezwolenie na prowadzenie działalności.
  • Dowód osobisty.
  • Dowód adresu.
  • Rachunek za użytkowanie.
  • Plan biznesowy.
  • Certyfikat witryny Whois.

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