Payment Gateway For Remote Support Business

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Remote Tech Support Business or PC Support Business is a huge industry. One of the examples is the UK with speedily developing industry segment, this has also increased the need for PC tech support merchant account in the UK. This is not only a national industry but also, it’s an international industry. Qualified Technicians can offer the services to businesses and Consumers across the world. The services can range from a one-time support to a monthly support or yearly support.

The best payment gateway for remote support offers faster payout and charges low TDR/MDR. Another important fact that should be kept in mind while searching for the best payment processor is that there is nothing which can be termed as “no chargeback payment gateway for tech support“. Chargeback is a major right of the consumer, thus all processors, acquirers, and banks have to protect it.  It is mandatory for the merchant to have a fully functional website with all the plans and the services mentioned. The Merchant should always try to put clear information on the website about what the customer will be getting after paying the price for the support. They must create service pages which have all the plans mentioned in the time frame of the subscription.

It is advisable that merchant stays away from copying website of other tech support companies. The merchant should always create genuine content for the website. This creates a positive impact on the minds of the underwriters. It also helps in getting natural inbound organic traffic from the top search engines like google and bing.

The Support company’s website must have an SSL certificate. The purpose of installing an SSL certificate on a website is primarily to protect critical customer details. The customer care number must be clearly visible on the homepage and contact us page. The Merchant should also make sure that different policies are in place on the website, such as privacy policy, cookie policy, terms, refund policy and disclaimer. A disclaimer must mention that the merchant is a third-party PC support provider and is not connected to any software or hardware brands until specified. Once all the above are in place then it is not difficult to get a payment gateway for remote support business.


  • Business license
  • Identification and Address proof of all the directors of the company
  • Utility bill or Personal banking statement of all the directors clearly mentioning the proof of residence
  • Cancel Check of business bank account
  • Signed copies of the policies and the terms
  • Previous processing history helps the merchant to get a better transaction rate or MDR.


The on-boarding process of a tech support merchant ranges from 5 days to 15 days. In the process of on boarding Tech Support merchant account, the underwriting team looks at multiple factors.

  • They check the genuineness of documents provided by the merchant.
  • They check the possibility of the merchant being involved in money laundering & transaction laundering.
  • They also check about the previous reputation of the company.
  • They literally scan the entire Internet to find even the smallest available clue to find anything incorrect in the merchant’s profile.

After all risk analysis, the underwriting team decides the verdict. If all the application, documents and test verifies by processor then the merchant should get a merchant account in most of the cases.
This kind of payment gateway is used by merchants who are offering services in the United States. This allows the customers to pay for the services by using the bank account information. The checkout process is very simple. The customer fills in the form located on the merchant’s website. The details that are required to be filled are Full Name, billing address, email, phone number, account number and routing number.

Depending upon the kind of Shopping Cart the Merchant uses the pricing can be set accordingly. Shopping Cart will have fixed pricing with the possibility of enabling coupons and discounts. Merchants can also create simple payment form where the amount is entered by the customer.

Most of the E-check payment gateway for remote support will make a two-step authentication. The processor calls the customer to understand the satisfaction level. Once the processor is sure that the services are delivered and no misrepresentation of the service or the brand has been done then the processor sends the electronic signature document to the customer. To lower the risk some of the payment gateway service providers who offer electronic check processing send two different electronic signature agreements.
Credit Card Payment gateway for remote support businesses is one of the most popular payments processing modes. Customers can pay for the services by using credit or debit cards. This is still the most widely used payment processing mode in the remote support business

Merchants must send the payment acknowledgment to the customer and regularly find any challenges which the customer may be facing with the computing devices.

Merchants must stay away from Pop-ups and Malware Techniques and should concentrate on creating a good processing history. Professional organisations do use charge-back alert services to protect the Tech Support Merchant Accounts. This helps to keep the business live for a much longer time. It also helps to create better relations with dissatisfied customers.