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Payment Gateway For Remote Technical Support

IT support companies that offer support services to businesses and consumers need this kind of payment gateway. It is used for international payment processing and Credit Card transactions.

What are the ways to get a payment gateway for remote technical support?

Getting a payment gateway for remote technical support or a Tech Support Merchant Account is not very difficult. If you have a registered company, business bank account and a proper website which shows all the services and the plans clearly then it becomes very easy for you to get approved.

The two options which are available for remote technical support merchants at this point in time for payment processing are.

  • E-check payment gateway for remote technical support: This is a great solution especially used by companies that are offering services to customers in the United States of America. Most of the technical support companies operating in India are using this solution. The setup time frame for an echeck payment gateway is less than 7 working days. The company should be fully registered with a proper business bank account.The rate of transaction ranges from 7% and goes as high as 15% depending upon the risk profile and the projected sales volume of the merchant. The domestic e-check account might be available for some merchants without any rolling reserve. Merchants that are not based in the United States may have to pay higher TDR and may be asked for a 10% rolling reserve for 45-180 days. The rolling reserve is a risk mitigation step taken by payment processing companies across the world.
  • Credit card payment gateway or Merchant Account for technical support businesses: This is the most popular payment processing option used by technical support companies across the world. By using this mode of payment merchants can accept payments from the customers globally. Merchants can accept payments for one-time support and for a subscription that maybe monthly quarterly or yearly.

What is the best solution for start-up companies that are looking forward to getting a payment gateway for remote technical support?

There are many solutions available for startups in the technical support industry. When applying for a merchant account the startup should always look forward to this basic things.

  • Merchants must have a fully operational website. The website should have all the plans and the service listed. The more elaborated and intense the website is the higher the chances of approval are.A proper website creates a clean image of the merchant in the underwriter’s mind. Any professional company would spend many numbers of hours to create a great website for the business.
  • The technical support company must place all the policies on the website about the refund and the service delivery.
  • Any business association or industry certification of the company should be shared on the website this creates a great impact on the buyers as well as the underwriters. Merchants should never involve themselves in outbound calling or generating traffic or creating pop ups on the Internet.

What Startup Technical Support Companies know about Payment Gateway?

  • Most of the startups are not aware that it is very easy to get a direct payment processing option for the company. The start-ups are sometimes misguided by the people involved in transaction laundering or money laundering.
  • Startup should never get a payment gateway on rent.They should never use a payment gateway on without legal documentation to a different company. This is a criminal offense and can attract massive penalties as per National and international laws.

Startup should also avoid using aggregated account under the name of the business owners as a private or personal account. They should always do all the transaction on merchant accounts that I registered under the business name. This has two advantages:  

    1. A startup will be considered experienced merchant once they have a process in history. By using the processing history they can get a better rate and faster payouts.
    2. A regular processing history creates a great impact on the company’s financial standing. A good volume of sales will represent a proper balance sheet of the company.

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