Payment Gateway Tunisia

Payment Gateway In Tunisia

Quadrapay proudly announces that now Tunisia based merchants can get international credit card processing solutions. Merchants can get payment processing options for various industries like Web design, Market research, E-commerce, documents preparation and many more. The team at Quadrapay is excellent enough to find credit card solutions for the needy merchants in a short time frame.

Nowadays, Payment gateways play a crucial role in the online business sector. Most businesses in Tunisia use payment processing solutions for accepting real-time transactions. The massive advantage of payment gateway is that it removes the hassle of handling cash sales. The payment gateway manages the cash flow comprehensively. Business owners only have to focus on the sales. They do not have to concern about cash management. Acquiring banks or payment service providers release payout direct to the business bank account of the merchant.

The 3D Secure Payment Gateway For Tunisia

The primary purpose of including 3D secure technology in credit card payment processing is to reduce the fraudulent activity in transaction processing. This technology does not allow transaction through credit debit card without authentication of the buyers. It works as a security check. On the checkout page, buyers have to fill transaction details. These details get encrypted by payment gateway. After providing details, buyers are redirected to a 3D secure page where customers have to enter PIN or OTP or Password to authenticate the transaction. The authentication process on the 3D secure page ensures the presence of customers in purchasing. The most prominent role of the 3D secure solution is to build the trust factor with customers in merchant processing.

How Can Quadrapay Help Merchants In Tunisia

Quadrapay works with payment service providers that are fully compliant with the PCI DSS standards. Quadrapay acts as a reseller and connects business owners to reliable payment processing companies. Before connecting the merchant with the PSP, the team at Quadrapay looks at the few elements of in the merchants business model.

  • The team ensures that merchants have a business website. We are unable to support any business without an active website.
  • We try to understand the business model. After that, we recommend the relevant provider. Not every provider supports each industry.
  • We also check if the website has the terms and condition, privacy policy, refund policy listed on the site.
  • After analysing these things, the team sends the business website URL to PSP for pre-approval. After getting the pre-approval from the processor, the team requests business owners for merchant application form and copies of KYC documents of the business. After getting application form and copies of KYC documents, Quadrapay connects merchants to payment processing company.
  • We are also capable of assisting international merchants with high risk check processing. This works well for USA and Non US merchants. The checks are delivered in email. The format of the check is PDF. If your bank in Tunisia accepts international checks then this can be a game changer. Many larges banks across the world do accept international checks.

Quadrapay and Tunisian Merchants

Tunisia is a fast-growing nation. The merchants from Lebanon, The UAE, Morocco, Kuwait, Oman are utilising the same payment processing options. Now it’s time for the Tunisian merchants to get the best online credit card processing solutions.

  • Fast approval process: Quick execution of the merchant account application results in fast approval.
  • Integration Assistance: The team at Quadrapay understand the importance of fast payment gateway integration. That is why the team support entrepreneurs with a free integration of payment gateway on the business website.
  • Multi-Currency Payment Processing options: Tunisian merchants can sell products and services almost everywhere in the world. Foreign buyers can make payments in their local currencies.
  • PCI DSS Standards: Payment processing companies that Quadrapay recommends are fully PCI DSS compliant.
  • No Upfront Application or Consultation Charges: Quadrapay does not charge any setup fee for any solution. However, sometimes processing companies may charge a one-time setup fee.
  • Multiple Modes Of Payment Processing: Quadrapay assists global merchants with various modes of the payment processing solutions. Tunisia based business owners can get more than one payment method.

We are waiting to talk to you and let you know about the best ways of accepting online payments in Tunisia. Feel free to send us an email on [email protected].

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