Payment Gateway Turkey

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turkey International Payment Gateway By Quadra Pay


Global Credit Debit Card and USA echeck Processing for Merchants located in The Republic of Turkey.

Turkey is all set to experience a very fast transformation in the way they accept payments. International payment gateway companies are extremely interested in working with merchants from turkey. These payment processing companies offer multilingual user interface. Turkish language interfaces are very user-friendly for Turkey based merchants.

Chargeback Alerts & Notification Services In Turkey

There is nothing as disappointing as not getting alerts at the time of dispute initiation by the cardholder. Merchants can reduce fraud and returns by using chargeback alerts and notification services. International merchants in Turkey must use this solution.

  1. Credit Debit Card Processing
  2. Fast Setup of the payment gateway
  3. Low Rates
  4. Easy Onboarding
  5. High Risk Merchants Accounts Also Available
  6. Startup Merchants welcome
  7. Pre Authorisation
  8. AVS
  9. 3DS
  10. Chargeback Alerts and Notifications
  11. Fast Payouts
  12. USA echeck also available

USA Echeck/ACH Processing For Turkey

International Merchants from The Republic of Turkey selling their products and services in The USA must evaluate the revolutionary Check 21 also known as Echeck solution. With The echeck Payment gateway merchants can accept payments for services as well as tangible products. It is a big challenge to get a Virtual Terminal for credit card processing but with echeck merchants do get API and VT . The gateway integration does not take long. The payment processors provide API documentation. Quadrapay is proud to offer most of the solutions at Zero Startup cost. We do not charge any application fee. Simple and affordable pricing.


Integration is easy and you can always come to us if any help is needed while integrating the gateway to your website. Easy codes to create buy now buttons.


Our Payment processing partners utilise high level of security features. These advanced filters help in reducing fraud transactions till a great extent.

Turkey Ecommerce And Payment Processing Overview

Turkey is a fast growing nation. Most of its population is involved in the service and manufacturing sectors. Around a quarter of Turkish population depends on agriculture as the main profession. Internet and smartphone penetration in the nation is very high. With over 94% of mobile phone penetration, people mostly prefer carrier billing facility. Out of the 94% a bit higher than half are smartphone users. This is an extremely attractive statistics for mobile payment companies. Turkey saw difficult times around the year 2001. The country learned a lot of things from this situation and initiated many reforms. Today the nation stands at super attractive matrixes.

  1. 14th Largest GDP(PPP) In world @ Above $ 1.994Trillion
  2. GDP(OER) $ 863.4 billion
  3. GDP Growth Rate 3.2%
  4. Service Sector accounts for 60% of GDP
  5. Exports %150.2 Billion Source CIA Factbook

International Payments In Turkey

Many Payment processors in Turkey don’t allow international card acceptance to all merchants. If your customers are outside Turkey make sure you can accept international transactions. Our solutions offer global payment acceptance capabilities to merchants in Turkey.

  • Payment Modes. The more mode of payments you can get the better it is. Check if the payment gateway companies accept all major cards. You can also check if they allow you to add alternative payment modes on the gateway.
  • Virtual Terminal. Depending upon the industry type and business requirements you may need VT/Moto. See if the payment provider can offer you a Virtual Terminal.
  • Rate of Transaction. Read the fine lines of the merchant agreement. Verify all the charges and fees before signing on the line. Some Merchant services companies may try to add a massive markup on the basic prices.
  • Integration. The Payment gateway company should provide support in the integration process. Ask them about the integration language and time frame required.
  • Wallet Payments. Smartphone penetration is increasing very fast in turkey. This has started a trend of digital wallet based payments. Make sure your Turkish payment gateway provider accepts wallet to wallet payments.
Global Payment Gateway Solution For Turkey Based Ecommerce Merchants

A global Payment Gateway solution allows merchants to accept payments in multiple currencies and from multiple nations. Truly International companies must have a Global Payment Solution. This helps the company in maximising sales and generate more profit.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.