Why Payment Processing For Travel Industry So Popular 2020

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Payment Processing For Travel Industry By Quadrapay

The Reasons Why We Love Payment Processing For Travel Industry

Travelling is one of the significant hobbies for most of the people. The increase in globalization has made the world interconnect far better and encouraged the tourism business. Just like every business, a business merchant working in the travel industry also needs a payment processing solution. But the major problem most of the merchants needs to face is the high-risk industry. The travel industry is considered as a high-risk business, and that makes it difficult for a business merchant to apply for the merchant account. Most of the banks and financial institutes reject the application as soon as they see a high-risk business. Now you do not have to worry because we at Quadrapay provides payment processing for travel industry solutions.

Why Is Travel Industry Considered High Risk?

There are several reasons behind which makes the travel industry as a high-risk business. One of the significant factors behind is the international currency exchange. Another reason is that a travel business highly prone to a number of chargebacks and frauds. There are a lot of circumstances where a person books a tour package or flight ticket, but later on changed their mind and cancelled the trip or tour package. Such activities might lead to attracting higher chargeback because in tour business the ticket amount is usually at the higher side. That is why banks generally deny accepting travel merchant account applications because they can not be able to afford that amount of risk. But we at Quadrapay are working with top-rated payment processors that are ready take the risk and provide you with the best payment processing for travel industry solutions.

What Are The Features Of Payment Processing For Travel Industry Solutions With Quadrapay?

High-Risk Merchant Services: With a reliable card payment processing for the travel industry, you can easily accept payments with a faster settlement with our high-risk merchant accounts support.

  • Smooth Onboarding: For businesses that are new to payment processing and looking for a payment method for travel business can start with our processing solutions. We provide smooth onboarding procedures and proper assistance with 24*7 customer support service.
  • Lower Transactional Rates: A high-risk merchant needs to pay high charges for processing solutions. Still, we provide you with affordable processing solutions so that you can achieve better profits from your business.
  • Multi-Currency Acceptance: For a travel industry, it is vital to have a universal payment processing solution which allows them to accept multi-currency payment processing.
  • PCI-Compliant Payment Solution: Just like fast payment solution is necessary, the same security of the transaction is required. Our processing solutions are under compliance with PCI DSS standards.
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Is It Difficult To Maintain The Chargeback Ratio For Travel Industry?

The travel industry is not an easy business to run as it looks. There is a lot of other factor and dependencies involved, which makes a travel industry prone to the high number of chargebacks. For this, a business merchant needs to keep up the best in class service and provide special assistance to their tour business customers. Such guiding and making a better relationship with customers will help a travel business to reduce the chances of these chargebacks and frauds. A payment processing for travel industry consists of a travel merchant account which is a specially designed merchant service solution for travel businesses. This also consists of chargeback alert feature which assists a company in keeping the number of chargebacks under the threshold limits.

Payment Processing For Travel Industry With Echeck!

Along with credit card processing solution, a travel business merchant can apply for an Echeck/ACH payment processing for travel industry. In the USA, the Echeck solution is highly used for payments. By integrating Ecehck/ACH processing for travel business in your diversified payment methods, you can seamlessly offer and accept payments from US-based customers.

For more information on payment processing for travel industry, you can mail us at [email protected].

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Naman Verma
Naman Verma