Periodontist Business Growth Strategies In Covid Times

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Simple Strategies For Periodontists Business Success In 2021

Periodontists strive to deliver high standard care to their clients; however, in the tough times of covid-19, dental professionals need to keep themselves align to few vital strategies. These simple planning techniques may help periodontists not only sustain the practice but may also help in expanding the footprint.

Let People Know About Your Availability.

Before the start of covid-19, the world appeared to be very busy. It was pretty standard for people to walk to the nearest dental professionals and get consultations, even for more minor issues. Unfortunately, various measures like social distancing and the fear of getting infected forces people to stay indoors. The impact of this on businesses can be drastic. This is the critical reason why periodontists or other dental professionals should evaluate the possibility of creating a virtual presence. This may include launching a website for promoting an already existing website. In some countries, governments allow online medical consultation; if this is the case in your country, you may try to create an application that provides video consultations. This way, people can quickly contact you and will be able to get proper care and assistance. There is one more advantage of maintaining a virtual presence, and it is expanding the reach. If you operate from a retail location or just a doctor’s office, most of the time, the patients would come from your local area. Suppose you have a presence on the Internet. In that case, people from other locations may also fix appointments and get access to your high-quality services.

Be active. Don’t let pressure accumulate.

Many entrepreneurs may believe that the world will not change a lot after the pandemic. The business may start working the same way as it used to be. As per our understanding, this may not be the case for many companies. We say this because 24 to 48 months is an extensive timeline to change consumers behaviour. Innovative entrepreneurs may develop and implement key strategies to stay ahead in the game. This is why we are recommending you keep a close watch on what is happening in your industry. Embrace the change.

Use social media to create brand value.

In the time of the pandemic, many organizations are leveraging social media. As we all know, the average screen time worldwide has grown enormously because of stay-at-home recommendations. Various preventive health check-up companies have already used this situation as they have started utilizing social media as a key medium to increase brand visibility. Regular social media postings can help you reach target users in a specific geography. You can leverage the features of various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google my business.

Let people know that you are covid-19 Reddy.

Clients may be interested in knowing what steps you have taken to reduce the risk of covid19. It is a good idea to display the actions that you have taken. This can be easily done by placing a note on your website or social media pages. If you operate from a retail store or a doctor’s office, you can also set a small message at the entry door.

Maintain Cash Reserve.

Even if the business is low, you will have to maintain cash reserves. If this is not coming from your regular client, you may approach a financial institution for business funding. It would help if you looked at the interest rates you may have to pay before accepting the business funding proposal from the lender. Dental practitioners may require funding for various reasons. These may include buying medical equipment or opening a new centre.

Offer Virus Free Payment Modes.

Traditionally the keypad based POS/EDC machines worked fine; however, because of covid-19, people prefer to make touch free payments. This can be easily done in three different ways. You can either have a website where your customers can make the booking and pay online using credit and debit cards. The second option will be to offer Payment acceptance through NFC based point-of-sale terminal. This way, your customers or clients can tap and make payment. The third option can be to provide QR code-based payment option. This way, the client will be able to make payments by utilizing the QR code scanning feature.


Professionals from the dentistry industry need to adapt to the new consumer behaviour resulting from the covid-19. It is important that organizations work with cost-effective payment processors and offer multiple modes of payment acceptance. Feel free to write to us if you have any questions regarding payment acceptance for your dentistry practice.

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