Phone Credit Card Processing On The Way, Just By Mobile

Processing A Credit card Over The Phone Becomes So Easy And Convenient.

With the continuous innovation in the payment, the industry helps the merchants a lot to process payments. Processing payments nowadays become so easy and convenient that a merchant can able to accept payments on the go. In the old days, when cash payments are mostly in circulation, it’s become a challenge to accept payments remotely or to keep track of each and every transaction on the go. But the technology in the financial world totally revolutionised the payment industry. Businesses can accept payments on the go and can keep track of every transaction going on their shop from anywhere in the world. In today’s time, with the android or apple phone becoming so popular, the merchants are looking for a Phone Credit Card Processing Solution, that could help them to process payments directly from their mobile phone. But the question comes that can a merchant really read the card information just with their mobile? Can they be able to key in the card information into the mobile phone to process payments? Well, we will discuss each and everything about Phone Credit Card Processing solution. We at Quadrapay have partnered with the top-level processors who can help you to get the top-notch solution to process payments directly with your phone.

Is It Possible To Process Credit Card With Yout Mobile Phone?

The answer is pretty simple that yes, you can process a credit card directly with your phone. You may be thinking that yes, one can key-in the card details and process the transaction. But can you convert your existing mobile phone to a credit card reader machine that helps you to process the card without manually key in the card details? Yes, technology has evolved so much that you can accept payments from your mobile phone just like with a credit card reader.
There many portable card readers that can plug-in with your existing phone and helps you to process payments directly through it. The only thing which is required to complete the transaction is a card reader which plugs in with your mobile and a mobile application. You can easily get the app from google play store or apple store.

What Merchant Solution Help To Accept Credit Card Payments Over Phone

  • Mobile Card Reader: The readers are portable that can help in plug-and-process transactions. The readers are so compact that you can take it with yourself anywhere.
  • Wireless Card Reader: This is the same as mobile card readers, but instead of the plug-in the reader into the mobile phone, you can wirelessly process the card, and the details are sent to your mobile device which is connected with the reader. Both methods are like card-present payments or in-person payments. But what if someone wants to pay you remotely. How could you accept payments far from the payer? Well, you can still accept payments if the payer is from a remote location or there is no credit card present. Let’s discuss this in the next section. Keep reading!

Can A Virtual Terminal Be Used To Process Credit Card Payment Over The Phone?

Well, let’s come to our question of how can a merchant accept payments remotely? Well, with the Virtual Terminal solution, you can process a credit card from anywhere in the world just having the card details with you. You can ask the card details over the phone with your customer. Once you have the card details with you, you just need a mobile phone and an internet connection.
A virtual terminal is a web-based tool that helps you to accept credit card payments. Even, a merchant can also process eCheck and ACH payments.
Though it is a web-based service, better for your laptop or desktop, however, you can access with your phone with a big screen to process the transaction with ease.

What Feature To Look For A Phone Credit Card Processing

The features may depend upon the requirement of the merchant. One merchant may need an affordable solution to accept credit card payments on the go easily, whereas another merchant may require reporting capabilities to track and manage inventory. The phone credit card processing solution can come with a bunch of features, but maybe not all the features are required for every merchant. Let’s have some of the traits to look before choosing your mobile credit card processing solution.

  • Compact And Easy To Handle Card Reader.
  • Simple Credit Card Processing Application
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Invoicing Capabilities
  • Reporting And Analytics
  • Safe And Secure
  • 24×7 Customer support.

Are you a merchant looking for a solution to accept payments via your phone? We may help you with it. Get in touch with us and tell us your requirement and business for which you are looking for the solution. We may help you with one of the best processing solutions that you are looking for.

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