Prepaid Debit Card Solution Comes With Built In ABA and Routing Number.

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Genie Prepaid Card Platinum A Unique Innovations In The Prepaid Debit Card Industry

Only For USA Residents. Must Have SSN and USA Physical Address. Can Hold Up-to 20,000 $. No Credit Check. No Employment Verification. No Account Needed. No Credit Card Needed To Apply For The Prepaid Debit Card.

A prepaid card is different from a debit card in many terms. You need a functional bank account to avail a debit card, whereas for a prepaid card you don’t need any bank account. As the name itself defines, you have to upload certain amount of money into the card as per your needs from the prescribed uploading locations and you can spend your money using that card wherever you want. The most important aspect of using a prepaid card is that your money is absolutely safe. Carrying cash isn’t a good idea all the time. This is the reason, people rely on credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and other forms of e-currency. As you do not need to link any bank account to a prepaid card, you spend only the amount of money that you have loaded in the card. These days, there are options to link your bank account or checking account to your prepaid card also, just like your debit card. One can use these prepaid cards at any point where the payment network of that card is available. Especially a prepaid card with a popular and established payment network gives you access to many places to use these cards. If you need budgeting for yourself or anyone related to you, prepaid cards can be really useful. Another most important aspect of using a prepaid card is that you don’t need to have nationality of a country to use a card there

Introducing A Debit Card That Bridges The Gap Between Traditional Banking, Internet Commerce, Digital Currencies, And The Cash Economy

We are living in the 21st century where science and technology has advanced beyond what once humans imagined. This all was possible because of the will power to develop. This enormous change in technology has totally overturned the human way of life. Moreover it has changed the complete perspective of business domain.

The concept of coin that began in Iron Age, later evolved to tradition of paper currency, has now further developed into many more forms of e-currency. From a credit/debit card to wire transfers and echeck, a consumer can use any form of payment as per their comfort. One of the recent developments in this segment was introduction of prepaid cards. If we have to simplify the terms, we can say that while a credit card is used to spend the borrowed money, a debit card is used to spend the money from a bank account, a prepaid (debit) card is used to spend the money pre loaded into that particular card.

This has its own unique benefits. Generally, you can avail a prepaid card without having a bank account. Apart from this, when it comes to limited spending, prepaid cards are really handy as you can spend only the limited amount that’s preloaded into your account.

We are continuously experiencing further advancements in business transaction field. The most recent step in this field is taken by Genie Cards. The revolutionary innovation from ‘GenieCard Platinum Prepaid Debit Cards’ is providing best-in-class services, with a range of attractive and useful feature uniquely developed for their clients based in United States of America (USA).

What Is A Genie Card Platinum Prepaid Debit Card?

GenieCard Platinum’ is a prepaid debit card. You can apply to get one without even spending even a single dollar upfront. A card holder can use this card locally and internationally provided funds are available in the prepaid card. A maximum of $5,000 can be loaded each day on this card from over 100,000 loading locations across The USA.

Card holders can use this card to make purchases at retail store or online stores. This card comes with a virtual ABA and Routing number. Card holders can directly receive ACH or direct deposit payments on the prepaid card.

To apply for this card you do not need a Bank account. There is no credit check or employment verification done to issue this card.

Attractive Features And Faq Of Genie Prepaid Debit Card

  1. You can avail it WITHOUT any credit check.
  2. Employment verification is NOT needed.
  3. There is NO need of a bank account.
  4. For every GenieCard FDIC Insurance of $250,000.
  5. Load up to $5,000 per day in your GenieCard.
  6. 100,000+ Loading Stations across the Country.
  7. Unique ABA Routing and Account Number for ACH Deposits for each GenieCard.

Can I Avail Government Benefits On My Geniecard?

Yes, one of the best facility that GenieCard provides to you in that you can have your federal and other benefits directly deposited to your Prepaid GenieCard and use it.
Some major benefits that you can avail –

  1. Government Disability Benefits — SSDI or Workers Compensation that varies by state
  2. SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  3. State unemployment benefits (varies by state)
  4. Railroad Retirement Benefits (RRB)
  5. Defense Finance and Accounting Service Payments (DFAS)
  6. Veteran’s benefits
  7. Pensioner

Can I Use A Genie Prepaid Debit Card To Make A Purchase By Using Paypal?

This card can be used for online payments and works well with almost every online payment gateway or merchant account solution. If you are in the USA then you can make purchases online using your Genie Card Platinum.

Is This An International Prepaid Debit Card?

Yes! You can travel outside the USA and use this card to make purchases or withdraw funds from ATM machines. Charges are applicable for each international transaction. This cards works as all other international debit cards.

How Does Genie Prepaid Debit Card Works?

It is extremely easy to use and it works the same way as you use a bank debit card. The only difference is that you can only use the funds that you have preloaded on the card. This can be used at retail locations as well as online stores. You can also monitor the funds availability. One more amazing benefit of this card is that you can use it to accept checks and ACH payments. This card will have your name on it and will also come with ABA and Routing number.

To use this card at a retail location, simply handover the card to the merchant. As the card is swiped over the terminal and the funds are deducted from your prepaid card then you can collect the products from the merchant.

To use it on website all you have to do is make the selection of the products and proceed to checkout. On the checkput page put the card details for the transaction to be completed.

How To Get A Prepaid Debit Card?

This will be an extremely easy thing for you. To get a Genie Card Prepaid Platinum debit card all you have to do is sign up online. You are not making any payments at this point in time so you do not need a credit or debit card. You don’t even need a bank account. All you have to do is sign up online by filling few basic details that includes your cell number, email, full name, Street address(no P.O. box), date of birth and Social Security number.

Once you will the signup form and submit the information you will get a notification email and the card will be shipped to you.

How To Cancel Prepaid Debit Card?

As it is easy to get a card it is even easier to cancel the same. There is a small $15 cancellation fee applicable. This appears to be very reasonable as the company offers the card to you without any upfront charges and also spends money on the shipping expenses.

How To Check Prepaid Debit Card Balance?

To check the available balance all you have to do is to visit the nearest ATM. You can easily check the availability of funds. Charges of balance inquiry are applicable.

How To Reload Prepaid Debit Card?

There are multiple ways of reloading you card. You can visit any of the 100,000 loading stations across the US to do so. You can load funds by visiting loading stations of Western Union, Money Gram and Visa ready Link. This card gives a large limit of loading money. In a day you can load up to $5,000. You can also load your card by accepting ach or direct deposit on you card. Remember this card comes with an ABA and Routing number.

How To Cash Prepaid Debit Card?

So you have funds on your card and you want to cash it. It’s very simple you will have to go to the nearest ATM and the withdraw cash. It’s as simple as that. The funds on your card are yours use it the way you want.

How To Buy Prepaid Debit Card?

No need to drive to a store and spend additional gas. You can get this card from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is signup online and the card will be shipped to your address in few days. You can also signup using your mobile phones internet browser.

Do I Get Text Alerts?

Yes! You will get text alerts and that also without any extra cost. You mobile phone carrier may charge you as per your mobile tariff plan.

Is There An Overdraft Facility?

You can use the funds that you have already loaded on the card. There is no overdraft facility available at the moment.

Can This Prepaid Debit Card Be Used Internationally?

You can use this card for international purchases. Americans who travel across the world can carry this card and use it for retail purchase and ATM withdrawal internationally in almost every nation.


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