Can I Use A Single Payment Gateway With Multiple Merchant Accounts

QuestionsCategory: Payment ProcessingCan I Use A Single Payment Gateway With Multiple Merchant Accounts
Maurya Shubham Staff asked 2 weeks ago
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Bankim Chandra Staff answered 2 weeks ago

If the sales volume is not high, then probably you may not need multiple merchant accounts. Having said that in the case if the business is processing millions of dollars each month, then there may be a requirement of getting various merchant accounts. A company may require multiple merchant accounts for various reasons.

This may include factors like reducing the dependability on one specific bank or merchant acquirer.

If you wish to use multiple merchant accounts with a single payment gateway, then you will have to contact your payment gateway provider. Most of the advanced gateways do offer the ability to integrate multiple MID’s on a single account. With this, you will be able to monitor all of your Mid’s at a single location.

Gateways like offer the ability to have multiple MID’s on a single payment gateway account.

E-Commerce content management systems like woocommerce also allow businesses to integrate multiple payment modes on a single website. This way, you can have merchant accounts from various processors combined to a single e-Commerce website.
Customers can make a selection through which provider they want to make the payment. Site owners can also decide which payment channel to activate or deactivated at specific times or specific days.