How Many Merchant Accounts Can I Have ?

QuestionsHow Many Merchant Accounts Can I Have ?
Bankim Chandra Staff asked 2 weeks ago
1 Answers
Bankim Chandra Staff answered 1 week ago

You can have as many as you want. However the most important thing is that do you really need more multiple merchant accounts Lets take an example of a business in United states that is processing 25,000 USD per month and wishes to grow. Most USA based processors in USA will not allow over 25 K USD volume each month. So in this case you will need an additional merchant account.
This problem can be solved in multiple ways.

  1. Get additional merchant accounts to cater the volume
  2. Start accepting payments with Echeck and ACH.
  3. Start accepting cryptocurrencies
  4. Get an offshore merchant account that offers a bigger monthly sales volume Hope this helps.