What Is Needed For Setting Up A Merchant Account?

QuestionsCategory: Payment ProcessingWhat Is Needed For Setting Up A Merchant Account?
Maurya Shubham Staff asked 1 week ago
1 Answers
Bankim Chandra Staff answered 1 week ago

You will need the following to get a merchant account

  • A working website. This site should display service sand products that you wish to sell. Make sure you mention the details of the products on respective pages. Make sure you add correct product images.
  • A registered business. Banks and Acquirers will want to see the copies of your business registration documents
  • Utility bill for company address. This will work as address proof
  • identification and address proof or all directors.
  • Other documents may include suppliers licence and letter of distributorship/retailer-ship
  • Import export licence
  • Gaming/Pharmacy/Betting/NGO/Travel require special licences.