Reasons To Invest In Tobacco Merchant Account

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Reasons To Invest In Tobacco Merchant Account

Tobacco Merchant Account With Quadrapay

As we all know that when we think of tobacco business first country that strikes our mind is Switzerland. 95% of raw tobacco is imported. As compared to any other country in Europe, Switzerland has fewer restrictions on advertising and promotion of tobacco products as Switzerland has a different history, culture and social values. Excise tax is one of the lowest here. Things are different here in Switzerland in case of tobacco business and any merchant can look forward to expand or start their business here.

Quadrapay can help you with that by providing you with a merchant account keeping in mind that you get all the facilities like low charge for setting up the account, no hidden charges, chargeback prevention and fraud protection addons.

Offshore And International Cigar Payment Processing

Quadrapay offers you the facility of offshore and International merchant processing solutions for businesses planning to open a merchant account for tobacco business within the EU and EEA states as they have their own laws for this particular business. Our processing partners can also help USA based Cigar and Tobacco merchants with cost effective Echeck Solution.

How To Get A Merchant Account For Tobacco Sales in EU?

  • Being a tobacco merchant you need to have a merchant account as well so that you can accept debit or credit card payments from your customers and the fund can be transferred from the card accounts to your business account via the merchant acquirer.
  • For a smooth business you as a merchant expect that there should not be any problem related to the payments; payments should be secured.
  • As tobacco business is considered to be a high risk business and not everyone offers payment gateway for this business but we Quadrapay has relationship with processing companies that offer you with a secured payment gateway.

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  • Pipe Tobacco
  • Loose Leaf Tobacco
  • Chewing Tobacco
  • Tobacco Accessories
  • Cigarettes

You Are Covered! Credit is poor? No worries!

  • Quadrapay will try to help you with that, we will be helping you to create an account even if you had trouble maintaining personal credit.
  • We also offer you with the tools that will protect you from fraudulent transactions and will prevent you from chargeback so you don’t have to worry about these things and can focus on the core business.

Leave the worries to us, you just sit back and relax and let us help you grow your business without any hassle.
Our customer service is available 24/7*365 for you to solve all your queries.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.