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UK And EU Company Formation For Non-Resident.

The following information will help you register a company in UK easily. However if you want the Quadrapay team to assist you please not that our charges are  Rs 20000 to provide assistance. If this is a serious enquiry then email us on [email protected]

The United Kingdom is still a part of the European Union. To be the owner of a European Union company can be a matter of pride for many business owners. Sometimes it is a vital requirement for businesses working with partners from the European Union. Whatever be the reason but more and more non-residents are opening companies in the United Kingdom. Many of these non-residents are from India, Durban, Congo, Srilanka, Thailand, Philippines and USA states like Delaware.

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In this article, I will quickly explain to you how you can establish a company in the United Kingdom despite being a non-resident. I will also tell you how you can get a registered office address for your UK based EU company. Almost every website listed below accepts payments by credit cards. Some may also accept payment through echeck and ACH. You can choose the best method that works for you. Let get started to evaluate the service providers.

To establish a company in the United Kingdom, you can visit the website of the UK company house It is a government of UK website and offers extensive information about company formation and other related services. Since this website has a massive set of data, I think it will be better to guide you to 5 other websites that can help you to establish a UK company in less than 2-3 working days. Honestly, sometimes it may even happen within 1 business day!


It is a UK government website that allows people to apply for company registration online. You can start the application process by clicking on the green button that says Register Now. It is the most direct way of registering a company, but it may be a bit challenging for those who are very new to company formation. If you have time and you are one of those people who are interested in learning new things by exploring, then you should continue using this government website to register your UK company.


The company warehouse does offer company incorporation in the UK. They also provide additional services like Accounting, Logo and web designing. Their pricing is quite economical, and they have been offering services since the past many years. They offer company formation starting at £9.99 ex VAT. If you want a business website along with the company, then they do offer multiple additional packages. You can also look at their package in which they provide a complete site with company formation at the cost of £299.00 ex VAT.


You can establish a UK company with E-Formation package starting at £3.99. It includes registering your company name, business and setting up a dormant company in the United Kingdom. As per our understanding, this is by far the best possible pricing for a Startup was looking forward to establishing a company in the United Kingdom just for branding.


Rapid formations offer a digital package of UK company registration in which they establish a private limited company in the United Kingdom. Most of the times they deliver a UK company registration within six working hours. They also include the initial company house charge that means for the first year you do not have to pay the company house initial fee. They also assist you in getting a free business bank account, and they send you the digital copies of the certificate of incorporation, Memorandum, and Digital Certificates. With the admin control panel, you can manage your company, and they also provide free assistance and support for queries related to your company. If you are interested in advertising, they can also offer you a free £75 Google AdWords voucher. You are also eligible to get a free .com or domain.


With Your company formations, you can quickly get the digital package at the cost of £5.48 that includes the first year cost of the company house. The entire process is automated, and there are no signatures of paperwork required. They proactively send you the company certificate as well as the memorandum and share document through email. They also assist you in getting a business bank account in the United Kingdom. Your company formations will also help you with the £75 Google AdWords voucher that you can use to advertise on Google search engine.

Conclusion:- As per our understanding registering a company in the UK is a lot cheaper and comfortable then establishing a company in nations like India, Srilanka, Nepal and even few states of the United States of America. Many residents have already opened a company in the UK by using the services of these websites.

We recommend you to contact the company registration providers listed above and clear all your doubts before signing up. They can also assist you in getting a Merchant account and Bank account in the UK.