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Ecommerce secure payment processing with ready to use CMS plugins. Low cost global CNP payments.

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Feature rich and cost effective Retail Credit Card Processing POS solutions.

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Maximise sales by offering various payment modes including ACH & APMs.

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Mobile API solution to accepts most payments for in app purchases on popular mobile app platforms.
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Get A Stable Replica Merchant Account At Low Fees.

QuadraPay provides Replica Merchant Accounts To Qualifying merchants. With these merchant accounts, businesses can accept various popular payment instruments. Banks and financial institutions have started considering the replica industry as high risk, and thus very few solutions are available. No need to worry. Apply with QuadraPay today to start accepting payments on your replica/non branded products website.

API And Virtual Terminal With Replica Merchant Account!

Getting a Replica Payment Gateway is extremely tough these days. Card schemes are not comfortable onboarding merchants from this industry. Good News! ACH/Echeck is the recommended payment gateway solution for replica merchants. With the check solution, merchants get access to API and Virtual Terminal. All checks go through validation before hitting the ACH network for processing. The Replica Echeck payment gateway performs various checks.

  • Account Number Validation. The system will check the account number for integrity. If the number is not correct, then the transaction will get declined.
  • Routing Number Validation. Every bank has a different routing number. The check merchant processor will check this as well.
  • Funds Availability Validation. No one wants bad checks. A high NSF ratio can hurt the bank account. The check will only move forward if the account has sufficient funds to clear the transaction.
  • Phone verification. This is an optional feature. The processor can call customers and verify the order. Voice verification will attract additional charges.

Fees Associated With Replica Echeck Payment Processor.

  • The rates vary depending upon the volume and kind of solution.
  • The merchant pays around 1% per transaction with the Substitute check solution. This option requires the merchant to print a copy of the PDF check and deposit the same at his bank.
  • Third-party ACH Payment Processing For Replica Products. The merchant does not deposit the checks in his account with this solution. The processor takes the risk and settles the check in its account. After deducting the transaction charges, the processor sends the funds to the merchant’s business account.

Integration Of Replica Merchant Account For ACH/Echeck Processing

The customer will submit the transaction the same way as he would do with a card. The only difference is that he will not use card numbers but his bank account details. The processor will offer easy to understand API documentation. Your technical team can easily integrate the same onto your Replica product website. Some processing partners also provide easy to use plugins that work with well-known shopping carts.

Our processing partner offers approval of replica merchant account for check processing on a case by case basis. This means they do not approve all applications. They may ask you to remove specific items from your website. Please send us an email at [email protected] so that we may explore your profile.