Saudi Arabia Payment Gateway

International Payment Gateway In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has become one of the largest business hubs in the world. Many companies are doing international businesses through their representative offices here. These businesses also sell products and services to foreign buyers and accept payments through different modes. Nowadays, international payment gateways are playing a critical role in payment processing for all kinds of businesses. The e-commerce sector in Saudi Arabia is tremendously using credit card solutions to accept online payments. Quadrapay assists companies in finding reliable payment processing modes. Quadrapay works as a bridge between business owners and merchant acquiring companies. Merchants from Saudi Arabia can contact us at [email protected] to get more details about credit card processing solutions.

Multi-currency Credit And Debit Card Processing In Saudi Arabia

E-commerce business owners prefer to use credit card payment solutions to accept online payments. Buyers from most of the countries prefer to use a card as the mode of payment. It is not difficult to get a credit card account. The merchant should have a business bank account, website, certificate of incorporation and some additional KYC documents. After getting these documents, the merchant acquiring company will work on the underwriting process to evaluate the risk exposure. After getting the approval of the merchant account, business owners need to integrate payment gateway on their websites. Business owners can get free integration assistance from Quadrapay. Some payment gateway companies may also offer ready-made plugins for WordPress, woo-commerce and Magento. After the integration process, the merchant can start accepting credit card payments from the buyers through the e-commerce shopping cart.

Quadrapay And Credit Card Payments In Saudi Arabia

As a fast-growing merchant service reseller company, we aim to provide various benefits to merchants in nations like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Morocco, Tunisia and South Africa. Here are a couple of benefits that will undoubtedly help your company to generate better growth.

  1. Same Day Pre-Approval Request: Our Platform will immediately send the notification to a relevant processing company and request for the pre-approval. At this stage, the merchant is not required to submit any KYC documents.
  2. Free Support for Integration: Our team understands the importance of integration, and that is why we believe in going the extra mile with this assistance. We will ensure that the processing company helps you with answers that can help you connect your website to the PCI DSS compliant gateway post-approval.
  3. Highly Advanced Multi-Currency Payment gateway for Merchants in Saudi Arabia: Global buyers can make payments in their local currency. Arabian merchants can sell globally in many nations including EU, US, Canada and Australia to name a few.
  4. Highly Secure Payment Gateway: All the processing companies that we work with are fully compliant with PCI DSS Standards. Some processing companies also implement a dual level of fraud prevention that helps merchants in extending the life of the payment gateway.
  5. No Application Fees: Many reseller organisations may charge an Application/Consultation fee, but we trust our merchants and do not charge these fees. Processing companies may have their charges that the merchant may have to bear.
  6. Card and Echeck- Dual Payments: Yes, we work with a vast number of payment processing companies. Some of these premier payment experts may offer echeck and ACH to international merchants on a case by case basis. We believe that check by phone processing can be used by Saudi merchants as well. Its always nice to offer various mode of payment processing to your customers.

To get more details about Saudi Arabia Payment Gateway, please contact our team at [email protected].

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