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For a Merchant from any low risk industry there are many payment processors. Unfortunately, because web marketing, design and development are considered high risk industries, the biggest banks and their credit card processors won’t touch your business. So, you need a solution from any of the reliable High Risk Processors for your web design and SEO business.

Why it is a High Risk Industry? The first thing is that a high risk merchant account provider generally works with a smaller bank that is willing to underwrite a broader array of business type. Secondly, they are prepared for taking more risk. So, the first step is typically looking for a processor that advertises that they want SEO and web design merchants. But even then, because underwriting guidelines change to rapidly, its best to ask the sales person.

Plus many of your clients may prefer too simply pay with their Credit/Debit Cards and not wish to use Normal Merchant A/C as a checkout option. Also web design SEO companies have very high ticket size and it can be difficult to find a merchant account processor that will process these type of transactions for your industry.

If you fall into some of the services listed above such as hosting, your business may be classified as a high risk industry and frequently placed on prohibited lists. This is because of potential chargeback issues and how your billing system works, for example say you are a website hosting company and offer quarterly or annual billing options, if a client cancels you have to make sure that they are proportionally credited. Not many merchant account processors will allow for more time above annual billing, so if you try to offer two or three year options you won’t find any credit card processing companies that will allow this type of transaction.

Transaction Amounts

There are also issues with the actual transaction amount being billed to the client and the services performed. For example say you are billing your client several thousand dollars a month, or even 10 to 15,000 or more per month and the client is not satisfied with the work. Perhaps you are offering search engine optimization services that are unpredictable in nature and your client search results fall off. The customer can potentially contact their credit card company and dispute the charges, resulting a chargeback liability. The merchant bank needs to know that you have the capability in your business to support the potential chargebacks that may arise. When the contracts and services become complicated the client may win the chargeback and you will have to collect your funds through other means including legal means if necessary. This is why you are often labeled and included with high-risk merchant account designations.