Slovakia Payment Gateway

Quadrapay can assist you in getting a Slovakia Payment Gateway easily. We work with many credit card processing companies in Europe. Our Global connection makes it easy for us to assist Slovakia based businesses efficiently and effectively. We can help you with Online Credit Card Processing, Local Payments in Multiple Regions of the world, Cross-border payment acceptance, and USA Ach Payment processing.

Slovakia E-commerce and Economy Insight

The e-commerce penetration in Slovakia is about 3.9 million. There are Around 72% of internet users in Slovakia. The Gross Domestic Product per capita in Slovakia was last recorded at 19897.15 US dollars. All these figures make Slovakia a promising location for E-commerce activities. Credit card processing in Slovakia these startups and old businesses can achieve better growth.

KYC Documents for Slovakia Payment Gateway And Merchant Accounts

Here is a small list of documents that are necessary for getting a merchant account for your Slovakia Based business.

  • Business Registration Proof
  • Utility bills of Owners and the Company
  • Merchant Account Application form
  • Business Plan
  • Processing statement if available
  • Last year financial Profit and loss statements
  • Letter from the Bank about good standing/Void Check of the business bank account

By providing all these documents getting a payment gateway in Slovakia will become easy for you.

High Risk Merchant Accounts In Slovakia

Some Merchants in Slovakia may be classified as high risk Merchants. Traditionally these merchants may have been attracting a high chargeback ratio. Most of the local banks would not be comfortable in offering Credit Card processing to these businesses. High Risk Merchants from Slovakia can still apply to Offshore payment service providers that are comfortable in accepting some merchants from few High Risk industries. The Quadrapay team will assist you in finding a reliable a High Risk Merchant Account provider for your Slovakia based business. We work with various payment service providers(PSP) and Internet payment service providers(IPSP) that are comfortable in onboarding merchants from specific Industries like Online dating, Immigration services, Document preparation services, Travel, Nutraceuticals, Herbal and Coaching. If you are struggling to get a payment gateway or Merchant Account for your high risk business in Slovakia, then send us your application today. you can email us on [email protected].

USA ACH Payment Gateway For Merchants In Slovakia

If you are a merchant in Slovakia and are doing business with clients in the USA, then ACH/Echeck is one of the best methods for accepting payment. Ach Payment Processing option does not require any setup fee or application fee. Merchants from Slovakia perform extensive business with clients in the USA. These businesses can use ACH to accept High Ticket Transactions. Quadrapay will be happy to assist Slovakia based merchants in finding reliable third-party ACH processing companies in the USA. Many of these ACH processors are comfortable to board high-risk merchants from Slovakia. With ACH merchants get Virtual Terminal that can be quite helpful when accepting orders over the phone.

Chargeback Alerts And Notification Services

There are enormous benefits of using chargeback alert and notification services. With this service Slovakia, based merchants can get a notification in near real-time if the customer calls the card issuer. To resolve the dispute the merchant can contact the cardholder and resolve the issue by either retaining the customer or initiate a refund. Contact Quadrapay today to know how chargeback alerts can help Slovakia based international merchants.

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