Spain Payment Gateway

Credit Debit Card Payment Gateway In Spain

Merchants in Spain require Payment Gateways to accept credit card transactions. The most common Payment modes in Spain include credit card, debit card, mobile banking, Echeck, ACH and Cryptocurrency transactions. The most common method of payment in Spain is online credit debit card processing. For a Spanish merchant account or payment gateway, the business must have the required KYC documents and a fully functional website. Quadrapay will be happy to assist you in finding a reliable payment gateway in Spain. Our Merchant service consultants will identify the best PSP or IPSP and let you know.

About Spain And Ecommerce

Spain is home to 46.44 million people with a total GDP of 1.24 trillion USD and GDP per capita of 27,551 USD. There are currently 24.77 million e-Commerce users in Spain. Internet penetration in Spain is now 66.2 %. In Spain, 94% of people buy products online which make It an excellent destination for online business. So much e-commerce penetration also attracts various global investors to invest in Spain.

Credit Card Payment Gateway In Spain

Now a day’s Spanish people mostly use credit and debit cards as the preferred mode of payment processing. There are two main ways of accepting credit/ debit card transactions. First one is to receive cards in store by using a POS machine. The second way is to make transactions online through the internet using mobile App or through websites. In Spain, Due to the vast number of retail business, there is a high demand for the point of sale devices and mobile pos terminals. These devices are in use widely as they can readily accept local as well as international credit/debit cards.

Chargeback Alerts and Notification For Spain Based Merchants

Some merchants in Spain may be classified as High-Risk Merchants. These merchants may be attracting high chargeback to sales ratio, or they may be operating in a high-risk band industry. These merchants find it challenging to get payment gateways and merchant account, but sometimes they may get credit card processing solutions. If a merchant from Spain struggles with high CB ratio, then that merchant should evaluate various chargeback alert services. Quadrapay’s team helps merchants in finding cost-effective CDRN services.

Quadrapay Ready To Serve Merchants From Spain

Our team will be happy to assist you in making it easy for you to accept credit and debit cards online for your Spain based business. We work actively with various processing companies that are interested in offering Low and High-Risk Merchant Accounts in Spain. No mater if you need Electronic check processing for small business or Card processing option for large EU business we will be able to assist you.
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