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Startup Merchant Account – Get Approved Easily

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Startup Merchant Account With Quadrapay

The easiest way for a Startup merchant to get a payment gateway for his new business would be to approach a merchant service reseller. When a startup business owner contacts a reseller, then he gets an opportunity to know about factors that will play a critical role in getting the account approved. We have seen many applications getting rejected just because the website of the merchant was not in compliance with the requirements of the payment service provider. Your startup merchant account application can be rejected because of simple issues like no contact information on the website or refund policy not attached to the website. These are just a few of the factors that may result in the adverse fate of your application. When you work with the merchant service reseller like Quadrapay, you will understand what you can expect from a payment service provider for your startup business. The team will also help you by giving some valuable insights about what all modifications may be required on your website. We will also let you know about the requested KYC document with which you must be prepared before application. Apart from this, we will also let you know about various payment processing solutions available for your business type.

Startup Payment Processing Solution

There are various solutions that you may use at your Statup for payment acceptance:

Echeck to accept check and ACH payments. With This solution you get a Virtual Terminal and API. This is extremely popular among merchants who sell products and services across USA. It also caters to the requirements of Bad Credit and High risk Merchants. Merchants can accept one time and reoccurring payments. the built in account verification helps merchants reduce NSF ration and protect the business bank account. If you expect to make high volume sales every month and card processors are saying no then this can be a great option.

Online credit and debit card solutions to accept payments online and over the phone.

In today’s eCommerce world businesses if you want to grab huge number of orders then you have to offer the most popular mode of payment to your buyers. We at Quadrapay can help you get one reliable credit card merchant account