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Payment Gateway For Card Processing In Sweden

Our payment processing partners do offer Omni Channel Solution. Start Accepting Payments On Web, Moto And Email.

About Sweden And Ecommerce Processing

Sweden is a highly developed nation in Europe. It is the third largest country in the European Union by area. Sweden has a population of 10.2 million. Out of this massive population, 2.4 million people are of international origin and background. The population density is quite low which is about 22 inhabitants per square kilometers. The GDP per capita of Sweden is about 51,600 USD which is higher than many nations in other parts of the world. E-commerce penetration is about 85.4%. Population wise 8.6 million Swedish citizens use e-commerce. Sweden is a preferred destination for Established and Startup companies.

USA Echeck for Sweden Based Merchants

In Sweden, 85% population makes online payments. The percentage of making credit card payments is lesser in number. Sweden based merchants can use credit card payment gateway for local and international card transactions. They can also use USA e-check/ACH payment gateway to accept payments from the USA. With ACH Payment processing funds get easily transferred from buyers account to these sellers account. This kind of payment mode saves money and the most precious thing, i.e., time. In credit card processing usually, the merchant has to pay a high transaction fee for accepting transactions, but in ACH there is the charges are low.

Payment gateways are platforms that allow merchants to accept credit and debit card payments online. Quite a few payment options are available to customers and merchants. Starting from Credit Card, Debit card, Prepaid card, Echeck, ACH, Wallet to Wallet and Cryptocurrency. To accept payments, merchants need a merchant account with a payment gateway. There are multiple advantages of using payment gateways and merchant accounts in Sweden. Few of them are listed below. Offer more payment modes to the customers. Merchants get paid directly in the business bank account. No need to worry about cash handling. Local and international buyers can purchase through the Swedish online payment gateway. Quick and easy integration. Merchants with processing history may qualify for Virtual Terminal.

Many businesses located in Sweden are already doing perfect business with clients in the USA. Some Sweden based online stores are growing up to set up their business in the USA. For the companies that are doing business with the USA can use Echeck or ACH Payment Processing for accepting payments from US-based customers. Quadrapay works with few Third party ACH payment processors in the USA who are comfortable in onboarding merchants from Sweden. ACH account comes with Virtual terminal and API integration facility.

International High Risk Merchant Account In Sweden

Sweden based International merchants in the eCommerce space struggle a lot regarding finding effective ways to reduce the chargebacks and return ratio. Merchants working across the globe with clients from nations like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada can use chargeback alert solution. Quadrapay helps Swedish businesses in finding solutions to reduce chargeback to sales ratio. This solution is highly effective with companies that are using High-risk Merchant Accounts in Sweeden. Alerts help merchants in extending the lifeline of the payment gateway and can also help the businesses in effectively reducing loss because of fraud transactions. Without alert service, merchants may face problems like account suspension and loss of funds.

Quadrapay Offers Low Cost Payment Processing In Sweden and 50+ Other Nations

Quadrapay is the partner of various online payment processing companies across the globe. We help merchants in finding reliable gateway companies for processing of credit card transactions. We can assist merchants in accepting domestic and as well in international credit card transactions. Get your questions answered about Merchant accounts and payment gateways for your Sweden based company. We would be glad to help you. You can write us at [email protected], or you can reach us at our phone number +1 63183 21773.

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