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Quadrapay Makes Payment Processing Easy In Switzerland. Get Swiss Payment Gateway For Global Sales.

Start accepting payments online in as less as 24 hours. Our solutions include omni-channel payment processing for local Schweiz and international transactions. Switzerland based merchants can now quickly get access to a multi-currency merchant account. With our Swiss Payment Gateways, merchants can go live smoothly using a simple integration process.

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Payment Gateway In Switzerland For Global Credit Card Transactions

Schweiz Merchants doing business online with local and foreign customers require International Merchant accounts and International Payment Gateways. With excellent E-commerce usage, Switzerland attracts massive investment in the sector from across the globe. With Switzerland’s payment gateway, businesses can readily accept online card transactions. Rates depend upon the kind of product and the business owner’s credit history.

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High-Risk Merchant Account In Switzerland

For high-risk industries, it is hard to get merchant accounts from domestic Switzerland banks. This is one of the key reasons why Quadrapay suggests high-risk merchants work with Offshore credit card processing companies. Quadrapay will help you get the high-risk merchant account for your Switzerland based company.

Low-Risk Merchant Account In Switzerland

As the name suggests, these businesses hardly attract any credit risk, which is why most acquirers, PSPs, Facilitators or IPSPs are comfortable onboarding these accounts. Still, you must look at the pricing and the terms before accepting the agreement. Our team can help you with reduced pricing.

Chargeback Alerts And Fraud Prevention Services For Switzerland Based Merchants.

A low chargeback ratio is essential for any merchant account. High Chargeback to sales ratio can add significant risk and lead to account suspension. Merchants with a bad credit score or high CB ratio should evaluate alert services. Multiple companies offer chargeback alerts and notification services to help merchants reduce the chargeback ratio.

Swiss Payment Gateway: The Right Solution You Are Looking For

The Switzerland business market is gathering many improvements in innovative payment processing for businesses that provide service through retail stores and online eCommerce platforms. The payment industry is more focused on providing better services and experience while completing a payment transaction. Integrating these latest swiss payment gateway into your business will help you provide faster and more reliable payment acceptance and services. Further, you can enjoy a sudden gain in business sales and profits. As most Swiss banks provide support of superior mobile banking and well-optimized payment processing services, many business merchants face many issues in getting a swiss merchant account or a payment solution in Switzerland. But now, with Quadrapay, you don’t have to worry about getting the best payment processing solution for your business in Switzerland.

Top Features With Payment Service Provider In Switzerland

Credit cards are one of the most preferred payment methods across the globe. It is well accepted internationally as well as domestically in Switzerland. To provide a better experience for your customers, a business must have a credit card processing solution. Work with best in class payment processors in EU/EEA to provide you with the most reliable payment processing solution at low charges. Here are some of the features of the Swiss payment gateway:

  • Simplified Payment Procedure: The Switzerland payment gateway offers simple to understand payment flow.
  • Low Processing Charges: The major reason that affects a business is the processing charges that a Swiss merchant needs to pay for payment processing. But with Quadrapay, you can benefit from low-cost processing solutions and a Swiss payment gateway.
  • Accept Multi-Currency Payments: For better profits, a business needs to expand its services and ease accessibility without geographical restrictions. It would help if you also had a multi-currency payment processing solution that allows you to accept credit cards for international customers seamlessly. A Switzerland payment gateway comes with such abilities, so that do business with most international customers.
  • Low-Cost IT maintenance: Thanks to the advanced integration procedures, now a business can enjoy the benefits of the Swiss payment gateway without worrying about integration costs and higher IT maintenance charges.
  • Chargeback Prevention: We understand how this number of chargebacks can ruin a business processing system. That is why we also assist you with our chargeback prevention mechanisms so that you can maintain a lower number of chargebacks. If these charges are about to hit the alarm, you will get a reminder to sort them up within the turnaround time.

For more information on the Swiss payment gateway, you can mail us at [email protected].


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