Telephone Merchant Account

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Telephone Merchant Account Quadrapay

Telephone Merchant Account – The Quickest & Easiest Way To Accept Payments Over Telephone And Mail

The power of technology in the financial sector revolutionised the whole payment processing industry. Thanks to technology that makes it so simple to accept payments over the telephone or mail without the need of a card reader. Yes! You heard it right. A Merchant is able to accept in-person payment or payment over the telephone without the need of any card reader. To accept payments, you need a Telephone Merchant Account or in simple a Virtual Terminal or MOTO solution. The solution is the best to suit the businesses who usually deal with clients over the phone or mail.

We at Quadrapay is a reseller of payment processors from US, Canada, EU and other global nations. Our payment processors offer merchants with almost every type of payment processing solution no matter they belong to which industry type. Stay tuned with us to know how virtual terminals work and help you to accept payments over the call.

Mail Order Or Telephone Order/ Virtual Terminal To Accept Payments Overcall

The businesses who want to accept payments over the telephone, Virtual terminal or Mail Order Telephone Order(MOTO) are the best option for them. The virtual terminal is a web-based console or software which is used to take in-person payments or over the call or mail/fax. The merchants enter the customer’s details like name, card number/account number, or the amount and some other necessary information to accept payments. The virtual terminal helps you to accept multi-currency payments as well as multi-brand of the card is also accepted.

Our mail-order merchant account is PCI-Compliant and comes with an additional layer of security with 3D protection. The solution is less prone to chargeback and has lower transactional rate as compared to that of credit card processing.

How To Decide If You Should Really Need A Virtual Terminal/Telephone Merchant Services

Not every industry requires Virtual Terminal or almost every business can opt for a Virtual terminal. Confused right? It is a matter of consequences of how much benefits a business can reap through the virtual terminal. Some businesses often use Virtual terminals for almost every transaction, and some may only process a few payments through a virtual terminal.

Some of the industries which more often use Virtual terminal are like call centres which usually take an order over a phone call or mail. Other businesses who take benefit from the virtual terminal are:

Make Your Service Stand Out – Apply Today For Telephone Merchant Services

Are you also looking for a payment solution to accept payments over the telephone? Alright! Quadrapay has a solution for you. We can help you with Virtual Terminal from a different processor based on your needs. It is easy to get payment solutions and flexible and secure means of payment acceptance. Fill the pre-approval form to get started.

Get in touch with us at [email protected].

Happy Processing!!!

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