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Telephone Merchant Account – The Quickest & Easiest Way To Accept Payments Over Telephone And Mail

The power of technology in the financial sector revolutionised the whole payment processing industry. Thanks to technology that makes it so simple to accept payments over the telephone or mail without the need of a card reader. Yes! You heard it right. A Merchant is able to accept in-person payment or payment over the telephone without the need of any card reader. To accept payments, you need a Telephone Merchant Account or in simple a Virtual Terminal or MOTO solution. The solution is the best to suit the businesses who usually deal with clients over the phone or mail.

We at Quadrapay is a reseller of payment processors from US, Canada, EU and other global nations. Our payment processors offer merchants with almost every type of payment processing solution no matter they belong to which industry type. Stay tuned with us to know how virtual terminals work and help you to accept payments over the call.

Mail Order Or Telephone Order/ Virtual Terminal To Accept Payments Overcall

The businesses who want to accept payments over the telephone, Virtual terminal or Mail Order Telephone Order(MOTO) are the best option for them. The virtual terminal is a web-based console or software which is used to take in-person payments or over the call or mail/fax. The merchants enter the customer’s details like name, card number/account number, or the amount and some other necessary information to accept payments. The virtual terminal helps you to accept multi-currency payments as well as multi-brand of the card is also accepted.

Our mail-order merchant account is PCI-Compliant and comes with an additional layer of security with 3D protection. The solution is less prone to chargeback and has lower transactional rate as compared to that of credit card processing.

How To Decide If You Should Really Need A Virtual Terminal/Telephone Merchant Services

Not every industry requires Virtual Terminal or almost every business can opt for a Virtual terminal. Confused right? It is a matter of consequences of how much benefits a business can reap through the virtual terminal. Some businesses often use Virtual terminals for almost every transaction, and some may only process a few payments through a virtual terminal.

Some of the industries which more often use Virtual terminal are like call centres which usually take an order over a phone call or mail. Other businesses who take benefit from the virtual terminal are:

Make Your Service Stand Out – Apply Today For Telephone Merchant Services

Are you also looking for a payment solution to accept payments over the telephone? Alright! Quadrapay has a solution for you. We can help you with Virtual Terminal from a different processor based on your needs. It is easy to get payment solutions and flexible and secure means of payment acceptance. Fill the pre-approval form to get started.

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Accept Credit Card Payments On Phone And Make Business More Smoother
In this digital payment services era, every customer prefers to pay using digital payment methods. This provides benefits to both; customers as well as the business merchant. If you are that type of business owner who travels a lot and wants to have a solution to accept payments on the move, this might be beneficial for you. Quadrapay now provides a solution that helps you to accept credit card payments on phone. This makes your regular android or IOS phone into a portable terminal. This can be used to easily accept credit cards and debit cards wherever you want to from your customers more efficiently and effectively.

How Can A Business Merchant Accept Credit Card Payments On Phone?
A business owner can accept credit card payments on the phone. This allows them to transact more smoothly and accept payments from customers more efficiently. There are several methods by which a business merchant can accept credit card payments on phone. Some of them are as follows:

Wireless Card Reader: This method of wireless card reader allows a business owner to accept credit card payments through portable hardware. It connects to your android/ IOS mobile device and works efficiently to process credit card payments through mobile phone.
Android Phone Card Reader: A phone card reader is a portable hardware which gets connected to your mobile device. This can be connected either through 3.5mm jack or Type C port. This plug and play device makes the whole process of transaction smoother. Business merchant can use the application to input all the payment details and then use the connected device to complete the payment by swiping credit cards through it. This is the most preferred android phone credit card processing method.
Email Invoice: This is an alternative method to accept credit card payments on phone. In this method, a business merchant uses an application to generate an electronic invoice and then send it to the customer over email. The receiving customer will see the invoice and later pay through the provided link to the business merchant.
Virtual Terminal: This is a simple and straightforward method to accept credit card payments on phone. A virtual terminal solution is an application where a business owner can provide the product and customer payment details and forwards it to the payment processor for further procedures. One thing that a business merchant should take care of is the active internet connection is required in order to process the transactions successfully.
Point Of Sale (POS) Systems: A POS system which is also referred to be a point of sale system. This method involves a manual process to process credit card payments. In these methods, a merchant can take card information from customers through the phone. After considering all the required details, all the same, data needs to feed into the POS (point of sale) system to process the transaction.
What Are The Major Advantages To Accept Credit Card Payments On Phone?
Lowest payment processing charges
Supports both credit card and debit card payment methods
It is easy to carry a mobile credit card reader.
Quick processing of credit card payments
Accept credit card payments On The Go
There are highly secured processing apps that are designed to support both ios and android operating systems.
This comes with a low-cost reader device in comparison to traditional terminal machines
It Supports both; i.e., magnetic swipe cards as well as EMV chip credit cards.
Easy to refund payment through the online transaction records.
Track your stock inventory management through the records, so that you will never run out of the regular products.
It provides easy to connect with your device, both wired and wireless methods.
Easy to understand user-friendly interface
If you still need to know more about how to apply for Quick processing of credit card payments solution, you can mail us your query at [email protected].

Accepting Card Payments By Phone Is Secure And Handy
Accepting card payments by phone holds incredible potential to every business in the fast-paced revolutionary world. In today’s technology-driven world with a lot of enhancement in the payment industry, card payments have become ubiquitous. Every now and then people are using it most often. Accepting credit card payments by phone, online or in your brick and mortar store can increase your sales up to 40% compared to that of the cash payment system. The advance in technology let the merchant accept credit/debit cards payments on the go. They can keep track of each and every transaction through their mobile phone. There are a number of ways a merchant can accept card payments over the phone. After reading this article, you will be more confident to accept payments by phone.

What Are The Ways A Merchant Can Accept Card Payments By Phone?
Are you a merchant looking to accept card payments over the phone? Fortunately, there are a number of ways to do so. However, the vital thing to consider to accept phone payments is to make sure that your merchant service provider(MSP) can accommodate card-not-present(CNP) transactions, and more especially, offers all the merchant services under one roof.

Phone Card Reader: Phone Card Reader is the portable hardware solution which can plug into your mobile phone easily. A merchant can plug in the terminal into the mobile port and process the transaction smoothly. The type of transaction is called card-present transaction or in-person payments because the cardholder is present at the type of payment.
Wireless Card Reader: Wireless card reader is also a portable hardware device, but instead of the plug-in the device with the phone, it communicates with the phone wirelessly. The wireless card reader sends the transactional data wirelessly into the phone to proceed with the transaction.
Virtual Terminal: It is another great tool or software that helps to accept card payments online. Typically a virtual terminal is an application which works on your web browser with an active internet connection. It is usually used to accept payments over the phone, mail or fax. The type of transaction is usually card-not-present. It works well in laptops and desktops as well as big-screen mobile phones.
Point Of Sale Systems: It is a type of manual card entry transaction. The merchant takes the card information over the phone and key in the card details into the POS terminal.
Email Invoice: A merchant can also accept payments by sending an invoice to customers. The customer then pays you by filling the necessary card details into the invoice and submitting.
Is It Safe To Accept Card Payments By Phone?
Yes. Accepting card payments by phone is safe and secure until you follow the right process. While accepting payments over the phone, a merchant has to take care of extra steps to secure the transaction from fraudulent.

Always choose a merchant service provider who is following PCI DSS Compliance strictly.
Always ask complete information from your customer if you are accepting card-not-present transaction or over the telephonic call. There always may be a risk in a card-not-present transaction that the end-user is the authorized cardholder. A merchant should ask for a card number, CVV, expiration, customer’s full name, and also the shipping and billing address including zip code. This helps to avoid online fraud to a large extent.
A merchant should always send an email receipt to the cardholder to confirm the purchase. Sending the invoice and delivery details confirms that the purchase made was legitimate.
Credit Card Processing Terminology That A Merchant Should Know.
Merchant Account: An online merchant account is a temporary holding account which withholds all the funds for a temporary period usually 2-3 days to get process. After the holding period, the funds get a transfer into the merchant’s bank account.
Payment Gateway: The payment gateway is an online service which helps you to accept card payments online. The payment gateway integrates with your eCommerce website and authorizes each and every transaction.
POS System: POS stands for point-of-sale. It is a hardware device which is used in retail or brick and mortar shops to accept card payments.
Processing Fees: It is the fees that are charged with every transaction. It is the fees that a merchant has to pay to accept every card transaction.
Effective Rate: The effective rate is the total processing fees divided by total sales volume on your credit card processing statement.
Chargebacks: Chargeback is the return of money to the customer by the merchant. The customer raises the chargeback dispute to his card issuer bank. The issuer bank then ordered the chargeback request to the payment processor. Chargebacks usually occur on credit cards or debit cards.
The Bottom Line To Accept Card Payments By Phone
Accepting card payments by phone is a good idea for your business. It streamlines your cash flow and makes your business operation easy and smooth. We at Quadrapay help businesses with the merchant services that help them to streamline their payment flow. Get in touch with us, and we will let you know what payment solutions best fit your business needs.

Processing A Credit card Over The Phone Becomes So Easy And Convenient.
With the continuous innovation in the payment, the industry helps the merchants a lot to process payments. Processing payments nowadays become so easy and convenient that a merchant can able to accept payments on the go. In the old days, when cash payments are mostly in circulation, it’s become a challenge to accept payments remotely or to keep track of each and every transaction on the go. But the technology in the financial world totally revolutionised the payment industry. Businesses can accept payments on the go and can keep track of every transaction going on their shop from anywhere in the world. In today’s time, with the android or apple phone becoming so popular, the merchants are looking for a Phone Credit Card Processing Solution, that could help them to process payments directly from their mobile phone. But the question comes that can a merchant really read the card information just with their mobile? Can they be able to key in the card information into the mobile phone to process payments? Well, we will discuss each and everything about Phone Credit Card Processing solution. We at Quadrapay have partnered with the top-level processors who can help you to get the top-notch solution to process payments directly with your phone.

Is It Possible To Process Credit Card With Yout Mobile Phone?
The answer is pretty simple that yes, you can process a credit card directly with your phone. You may be thinking that yes, one can key-in the card details and process the transaction. But can you convert your existing mobile phone to a credit card reader machine that helps you to process the card without manually key in the card details? Yes, technology has evolved so much that you can accept payments from your mobile phone just like with a credit card reader.
There many portable card readers that can plug-in with your existing phone and helps you to process payments directly through it. The only thing which is required to complete the transaction is a card reader which plugs in with your mobile and a mobile application. You can easily get the app from google play store or apple store.

What Merchant Solution Help To Accept Credit Card Payments Over Phone
Mobile Card Reader: The readers are portable that can help in plug-and-process transactions. The readers are so compact that you can take it with yourself anywhere.
Wireless Card Reader: This is the same as mobile card readers, but instead of the plug-in the reader into the mobile phone, you can wirelessly process the card, and the details are sent to your mobile device which is connected with the reader. Both methods are like card-present payments or in-person payments. But what if someone wants to pay you remotely. How could you accept payments far from the payer? Well, you can still accept payments if the payer is from a remote location or there is no credit card present. Let’s discuss this in the next section. Keep reading!
Can A Virtual Terminal Be Used To Process Credit Card Payment Over The Phone?
Well, let’s come to our question of how can a merchant accept payments remotely? Well, with the Virtual Terminal solution, you can process a credit card from anywhere in the world just having the card details with you. You can ask the card details over the phone with your customer. Once you have the card details with you, you just need a mobile phone and an internet connection.
A virtual terminal is a web-based tool that helps you to accept credit card payments. Even, a merchant can also process eCheck and ACH payments.
Though it is a web-based service, better for your laptop or desktop, however, you can access with your phone with a big screen to process the transaction with ease.

What Feature To Look For A Phone Credit Card Processing
The features may depend upon the requirement of the merchant. One merchant may need an affordable solution to accept credit card payments on the go easily, whereas another merchant may require reporting capabilities to track and manage inventory. The phone credit card processing solution can come with a bunch of features, but maybe not all the features are required for every merchant. Let’s have some of the traits to look before choosing your mobile credit card processing solution.

Compact And Easy To Handle Card Reader.
Simple Credit Card Processing Application
Transparent Pricing
Invoicing Capabilities
Reporting And Analytics
Safe And Secure
24×7 Customer support.
Are you a merchant looking for a solution to accept payments via your phone? We may help you with it. Get in touch with us and tell us your requirement and business for which you are looking for the solution. We may help you with one of the best processing solutions that you are looking for.

Most Of the Merchants Accept Card Payments On Phone and It Is Still Relevant
If seen, in today’s time, most people want online payment. Because carrying cash has become a problem. According to the UK Finance report 2019, the payment market is increasing rapidly because of the use of cashless payment mode like a credit card, debit card, electronic check, etc. 65 percent of adults have credit cards, 90 per cent have debit cards. In 2018 the payment volumes increased by 14% and reached a total of 39.3 billion payments. Cash payments continued falling by 16% to 11.0 billion payments in 2018. The leading cause for the downfall of cash payments is the increased use of debit/credit cards, and in particular, the increasing trending of contactless payments. 47 percent payment done via card by 2018 and can reach up to 61 per cent by 2024.

You are a business proprietor and want to accept credit card payments as well as debit cards on your phone without any hassle. So, no need to worry about which payment solution is the best for your business. We are happy to assist you and are at Quadrapay team. We are a reseller of various credit card processors that provide mobile credit card processing solutions.

How to Accept Card Payments On Phone Can Increase Your Profit!
It is easier to carry a card than cash, and this will probably increase your profit. The phone can be easily moved from one place to another, and in the same way, you can take payment anywhere through your phone. This solution is best for small businesses because customers or clients want to pay for goods and services with their card at their location. This is a quick and easy solution to accept payment over the phone.

Technologies Used For Mobile Phone To Accept Payment
Near Field Communication(NFC). It is a short-range and high-frequency wireless technology. By using an NFC enabled POS(point of sale) device, the data is encrypted and accepts payment over a mobile phone. NFC can be used in a person-to-person transfer if both sender and receiver are present at the same place.
Bluetooth Technology. It has a much longer range compared to the NFC. Bluetooth is probably faster, but payment processing is slower due to friction. Bluetooth technology can facilitate multiple credit card transactions at a time but not in NFC.
Solutions To Accept Card Payment on Phone
Mobile Card Reader. This solution is easily connected with your mobile through a mobile app. In this solution there are two devices in use at the time: the first one is a mobile phone and the second is a mobile card reader. All major cards are easily read by the card reader and complete the transaction within a couple of minutes.
POS Device. This solution is very demandable and highly used by the merchants. In this solution, there is only one device that is a point of sale. Pos system connects and does transactions with GPRS, Wifi, Bluetooth as well as lower internet speed. This device is easily portable from one place to another place. In this device card, readers are built and capable of accepting contactless payment also. This solution is fast compared to the mobile card reader solution.
Echeck Solution. This solution is best for business if you process lots of checks in a day. It is a digital form of a paper check. By using this, you can accept payment from the payer account into your bank account. In the Echeck solution, paper checks are scanned and uploaded to the ACH network. After processing the amount is credited into your bank account within a day.
Benefits Of Accepting Card Payments Over The Phone That May Change Your Perspective
Easy to Integrate with mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet.
Supported majorly used OS platforms like ios and android.
Low Monthly Fees.
Low transaction processing fees.
Easy to carry mobile credit card readers.
Track your customer transaction and inventory.
Fast Checkout.
Easy to understand the user-friendly interface.
Supported Magnetic tape and EMV Chip card payment.
Accept credit and debit cards payment with the safety of card information.
Still, you are confused related to processing solutions. Contact us at [email protected]. Our 24×7 merchant support team will be happy to solve your all queries.


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