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Quadrapay Now Assisting With Thailand Payment Gateway

If you are looking for a payment gateway in Thailand, then your search is over now. You have landed on the right page. Quadrapay has good connections with multiple payment processing companies across the globe. We work as a mediator between merchants and International payment gateway processor companies. We are the registered sales partners of many International processors that offer debit & credit card payment processing solutions to merchants from multiple countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, India and many more.

In this detailed article, you will know how you can get an international payment gateway in Thailand. To get an international payment gateway for your Thailand based business, you must have a registered firm and a proper website which shows your business model. Moreover, your website should have an SSL certificate. The global Payment Gateway processor company will ask for certain KYC documents. You have to submit each paper in proper format; otherwise, they won’t evaluate your request.

Who Can Get A Thailand Payment Gateway?

There are two types of merchants in the market. One is high volume merchants, and the other one is low volume merchants. Both of the merchants as mentioned earlier want payment gateways for their local as well as international transactions according to their needs.

  • High volume merchants are those who do their business at large scale. It means that the production of goods and services is done at a larger level. In general, these are large organisations. These organisations require high volume merchant processing because they attract a considerable amount of sales traffic to their websites. Their monthly sales limit is always high.
  • Low volume merchants are those who do their business on a smaller scale. These are small organisations. These organisations require low volume merchant processing as they have the only limited amount of traffic attracted toward their websites. Monthly sales limit for a Low volume merchant is comparatively small.

Payment gateway processor company will first evaluate the merchant’s application. After that, they give final approval whether they on-board you or not. Credit Card processing companies are smart enough to identify whether the merchants should be approved or not for high monthly sales limit. It entirely depends upon the credit card processing companies.

How To Get A Thai Payment Gateway?

In Thailand, to get a payment gateway, the firm must be registered and should have the required KYC documents. These documents include:

  1. National id proofs of business owners
  2. Utility bills of the business location as well as the residence of the directors
  3. Copies of the business license
  4. Supplier agreement or vendor agreement if the business owner is selling tangible products.
  5. A proper business plan would also help in the approval.

After receiving payment gateway in Thailand, the local businesses can start accepting transactions from customers within the country and also from other nations. International Merchant Account can help Thailand based companies in receiving orders from various nations.

The Solution For A Thai Payment Gateway.

As we know, Thailand is famous for its tourism. Around 15 million tourists visit Thailand every year, and it’s increasing by a large percent every year. Due to which industries like hotels, clubs, airlines and spa’s do a great business. Moreover, for accepting payments, they need payment gateways. Here two best solution are mentioned below for payment gateways:

  1. ACH/Echeck Payment processing. If USA customers want to book any online service directly from Thailand merchant, then they can use the Ach, payment processor. It is a modern approach to doing transactions. The easiest and quickest method for making payments. There are many third party ACH payment processing companies are situated in the USA that may be comfortable in boarding merchants from Thailand. To use facilities of ACH transactions, the merchant only needs: Essential customer’s details, Account number and Routing number. An Echeck is mostly used for internet or web-based transaction. It is a substitute for a paper check. Echeck is an electronic version of a paper-based check. It has the same information as paper-based checks. It can also exchange directly between many parties. There is very less difference between Echeck and paper-based bank checks. It is cheaper than other payment options. It is also used to reduce frauds. With Echeck, the content can be validated automatically. It is the best and the fastest method to accept payments.
  2. Credit/Debit Card Payment processing. Now a day’s people are mostly into credit and debit card payments. There are two ways of accepting credit/ debit card transactions. First one is to take the card in stores for purchases. And the second way is to do transactions online through the internet using mobile App or through websites. These devices are widely used as they can readily accept local as well as international credit/debit cards. They are highly advanced technologies.

About Quadrapay

Quadrapay is a reseller of multiple payment processing companies. Our team will be happy to evaluate your website and connect you with a reliable processor. To get more information about payment gateways and merchant account in Thailand, business owners can write to us on [email protected].